Flinders Eco Experience

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How to use our Flinders Eco Experience

The Flinders Eco Experience access is simple!

You will need access to the internet on your device. A wifi router is available at the IT Department with instructions. Simply book it out for you, your group or your class. (Important: Flinders Wifi is not accessible along parts of the walk, so you will need a router or a device connected to a network such as your mobile phone)

  • Use the Flinders Eco Experience map available on the homepage to locate the trail.
  • Choose where to start your walk, either at Tree 1 or anywhere along the trail
  • Locate the QR code on the tree
  • Scan the QR code using the camera app on your device* or a QR code reader that you have installed prior
  • A page of information for that tree will appear - read the information about the tree and enjoy the photo gallery.
  • Move to the next tree and scan the next QR code....

It’s easy! Enjoy the relaxed walk on our Flinders Eco Experience.

*iOS 12 or Android Oreo or higher required. Click below for instructions on how to scan.