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Innovation project studies are devided into theory 2 cr and project 8 cr.

Orientation and theory 2 cr

Theory classes in English:



Myllypuro campus, address Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki

Teacher Lauri Narinen

Project 8 cr

As a general rule, students will work in small project groups every week from Monday to Thursday. However, this depends on the teacher, students and the project.

A draft plan for meetings with supervisors:

  • 26.8. Project groups start with their named teachers. Orientation, team building, ideaphase.
  • 2.9.-8.9.2019 Ideaphase
  • 9.9-15.9.2019 Narrowing ideas, selection. Project plan and contract.
  • 16.9.-22.9.2019 Concept phase. How to concretize an invention?
  • 23.9.-29.9.2019 Development work. Prototype testing.
  • 30.9. - 6.10.2019 Prototype testing.
  • 7.10.-13.10.2019 Implementation. How to take the invention to the marketplace or part of the society together with the customer?
  • 7.10.2019 Preparing for project presentations. MINNO-fest.
  • 9.10.2019 Final seminar MINNO-fest (project presentation, pitching, poster presentation etc.)
  • 10.10.2019 Feedback and assessment, end of the course

Choosing a project and enrolling in projects

Choose projects (below) which interests you most and fill the enrollment form here: Enrollment. Enrollment form is open Aug 22nd from 08:00 AM to Aug 26th 13:00 PM.

You will a get place in one of the projects you have chosen. The enrollment can not be changed later. You will receive the information about the project group by email on Tuesday 27th of August afternoon. In case you have any problems with the enrollment or you don't get an information or invitation to the project group, please contact Maarit Vallinkoski (maarit.vallinkoski(at)

When choosing the project it is recommendable to consider also options, which are not immediately linked with your own professional field. An innovation project is a fabulous opportunity to develop multiprofessional working skills as well as to learn something unexpected and entirely new!

Project themes in English :

Please read the project introductions here before you enroll.

These projects are supervised in English. Other projects (see page Opintojen sisältö ja aikataulut in Finnish) are supervised in Finnish.


Tasks in Project:

  1. Project plan.
  2. Agreement with the partner organization (use this template).
  3. Your innovation for worklife partner. A report in a format which is defined together with the supervising teacher describing your innovation to working life partner. The report may include pictures, the description of your innovation (product, service, a new process, a new way of doing things…), description of the process, implementation of the innovation, material for marketing and so on. You may choose to write your project final report presentation for example in this powerpoint template.
  4. Poster or video (or both) which is presented in the MINNO-fest.
    • Poster template. Deadline 7.10. before 16:00 PM.Return your poster to the teacher and also to Maarit Vallinkoski: maarit.vallinkoski(at)
      • Return the poster in pdf, vertical
      • Name your poster with the name of the project, for example "Virtual Empathy" (not "Minno-poster")
    • Video instructions and a MINNO-logo for the video. Publish your video on Youtube no later than 7.10. Please send a video link also to Maarit Vallinkoski at 7.10. before 16:00 PM (maarit.vallinkoski(at)

5. Pitching at Minnofest.

6. Learning diary (template). Return your learning diary to the project teacher.

7. Course evaluation and feedback together with the project group on 10.10.2019.

If you need to take photographs during the project or use photographs in poster or in video, use this agreement on photograph use.

MINNO-fest Wednesday 9.10.2019 at 9 - 12 at Myllypuro

  • Minnofest will be held at Metropolia Myllypuro campus, (Myllypurontie 1) from 9 am to 12.00
  • Please arrive before 9.00 to arrange your fair stand
  • Every team has their own stand. The stand is a shared table with another team.
  • Pitching at the Minnofest: one group/project will pitch
  • If you wish to present some material during your pitch (video, powerpoint presentation etc), download your material on the pitching area laptop before 9:00.
  • Bring your own laptop if you want to present your eposter, video or other material. Keep your laptop fully charged.
  • Take office utensils (tape, scissors etc.) with you, in case you need them to complete your stand

MINNOfest production meeting for students: Tuesday xx.xx at 10 - 12, Myllypuro campus, Myllypurontie 1, classroom xxxx