2019 Ratings Sessions

2019 Spring/Pre-Season Approved/Sanctioned Ratings Sessions

TBD - Updated information for 2019 will be posted soon!

We are typically able to find a local host for our pre-season ratings, line judge and scorer clinic during their pre-season scrimmage. More details will be coming. Please be prepared to sign up for both on-court and clinic sessions at this summer's annual board meeting.

Saturday, April 21, 2018, at SCSU

Greetings; I hope this email finds you well. It's Dan Wagner, Stillwater, Minnesota, emailing you with details for our apprentice, local and state referees to: 1) UPDATE YOUR PRACTICAL RATING; or 2) IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT RATING; or 3) RECEIVE FEEDBACK, PRACTICE OUR CRAFT, AND IMPROVE OUR SKILLS AS OFFICIALS.

Scorers and Line Judges do not need to read further, but note that we will plan to have a training event in August for certification renewal.

First, a few of you MUST UPDATE your practical ratings, so I recommend highly that you take advantage of our FREE PAVO Spring Tourney Ratings Session to do so.

Now, for some of you who are pursuing lofty USAV Ratings, if you achieved your Junior National or National status this past summer (2016), then your "practical rating" will be applied for two years; however, I would still encourage you to sign up for practice/feedback as well.

For the rest of you referees NOT mentioned in the list above, you, too, may choose to pursue an opportunity to improve your rating (i.e. Local to State) and/or receive feedback from veteran National officials. Please consider this email as a notification of a free and great opportunity for your professional development.

As of this moment, the following is our confirmed date/tourney available to you to update your PAVO practical rating. We will confirm a second spring date only if needed for those that absolutely cannot make this date:

Saturday, April 21st, at SCSU (St. Cloud State University—Halenbeck Hall) - Time TBD - This is an all-day tourney with some of our great Northern Sun teams.

Please contact me, Dan Wagner, with your plans to complete your practical rating or if you have any other questions. Of course, if your life prevents your attendance at our spring dates, we have, in the past, had chances to "complete practical ratings" at a select fall pre-season event. For example, last year, there was a fall scrimmage at Northwestern in St. Paul in August. I encourage you--ESPECIALLY those of you listed above who need to update their practical ratings--to lock in a spot at this SCSU tournament as soon as possible by sending me a reply/confirmation.

To help you prepare for your practical ratings, please take advantage of the free iRef training modules available to you on the PAVO website. Modules for Level 100, 200 & 300 are available now in your My Ref Kit and should be reviewed by all eligible officials prior to the Fall season.

Thanks so very much for all you do to promote excellence in the sport we love so much and I wish you all the best. Hope to hear from many of you soon!

Best Wishes for safety, warmth, and a happy "rest of winter,"

Dan Wagner

Stillwater, Minnesota

Director of Officials Development--Metro Board of Officials