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Metamask Sign In: The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs

A complete guide to MetaMask Login

Before getting into the depth of the MetaMask sign in process, let’s know something about MetaMask. What is it? How does it work? And what makes it different from other wallets in the market?

MetaMask is a free crypto wallet that is available on both mobile and web platforms. This wallet was introduced to store cryptocurrency and perform trading activities related to it. Moreover, it is specially designed to support Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens. 

The MetaMask extension can be added to some famous browsers. The browsers mentioned on the official page are- Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

We’ll be discussing them further in the article.

What is a MetaMask wallet? 

MetaMask wallet is a software crypto wallet designed for keeping cryptocurrency safe and secure. It should be noted that this wallet works for Ethereum and other Ethereum-based tokens. MetaMask is an online digital wallet that allows its users to manage, store and transfer cryptocurrency.

It is considered best for beginners who are interested in investing in Ethereum. You can connect to more than 3700 decentralized apps and MetaMask web3 services and which makes it highly popular with existing and new investors as well.

metamask sign in

Download MetaMask on the supported browsers 

Looking to download for Windows 10? Well, you can use the installation steps that are listed below for Chrome and other web browser to start using MetaMask on your Windows device. 

Now, if you ask "Is there a MetaMask chrome extension mobile" then you are searching for the wrong option. There is no extension available for mobile. However, the extension is available if you wish to perform the task with your PC. 

Several browsers support MetaMask. They are listed below:

Here, we’ll learn how to install MetaMask on these browsers.

This is how to install MetaMask Chrome browser extension via 

Steps for MetaMask download on Android and iOS 

MetaMask can be downloaded on a mobile device also. The app was introduced to ensure ease of operation for its users. To download the app on Android, you will have to follow the below steps:

MetaMask sign up- Steps to create a wallet 

Before starting the work on the MetaMask, you’ll need to have an account. The account can be created once you have installed it. The steps below will guide you in setting up an account:

Note: MetaMask asks its users to create a password for accessing their wallets. The minimum MetaMask password length comprises 8 characters. It is advised to use some special characters and numbers in the password to make it stronger.


How do I log into 

If you wish to visit the official page of the MetaMask and want to create an account you can do so by simply typing “” in the URL space and you’ll land on the MetaMask page where you will see various download options: Chrome, iOS, Android, etc. After downloading and creating an account, you can easily go for 

Speaking about the MetaMask login account, we can say that it is an account that you create on MetaMask to enjoy the exclusive services offered by it. You will be able to access the various trading operations by signing into the account every time you wish to perform an activity. 

Thus, logging into your account can be said to be a gateway into the crypto world.

MetaMask login with password in mobile 

MetaMask login refers to getting back into the account if you have logged out of it. You can log in back into your account by providing your email address and password. We all are aware of the fact, that MetaMask sign in is generally done by entering your account password. However, we often forget about our passwords. What to do in that case?

For MetaMask login Chrome, you’ll have to go for MetaMask sign in. You can log in to your account through the MetaMask Chrome extension also. Alternatively, if you wish to operate through a mobile device, you are free to do that. 

For MetaMask official site sign on PC, you will need to first visit the official website. Then, you’ll have to enter your log in credentials. Hit the “Log In” tab to complete MetaMask log in process.

Adding token to your MetaMask wallet 

Are you looking to add custom tokens to your wallet?

If yes, we are here to guide you. You can add custom tokens to your wallet on mobile in the following manner:

You’ll land back on the home screen of our wallet, and can see the added tokens under the “Tokens” head. 


With the help of the MetaMask sign in you can explore the blockchain app in seconds. It is a wallet that acts as a gateway to blockchains. It is a non-custodial hot wallet. The wallet helps its investors in buying, sending, receiving, and storing cryptocurrency. 

If you want to know "is MetaMask safe," then you should note that MetaMask has been ranked safe from a security point of view. You need to enter the password for accessing the account. Password is asked to ensure that no one can access the account other than the account holder. Thus, you can raise the security benchmark by inputting a strong password for your account. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For connecting it to MetaMask Smart Chain, follow the steps below:

You have completed the process.

Here, are the steps mentioned below for installing the MetaMask on your PC

Let’s assume that you have already set up your MetaMask wallet and that you have the knowledge of using the wallet. To sign a message with MetaMask you’ll need to use another service- MyEtherWallet.

This is considered a safe method because it doesn’t ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase.

MetaMask- an Ethereum-based wallet, has a high fee because it is majorly designed for Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens. The price of Ethereum is high in the market and as a consequence, the fee of MetaMask is also high.

There is a big “No” to this question. MetaMask doesn’t have any token itself. However, it allows its users to store Ether and Ether-20 tokens.

The answer to this question is “Yes”. We have already mentioned earlier about this extension. It is among the popular browsers and is visible on the official page of MetaMask as well. From the security point of view too, the MetaMask Edge extension is considered safe to go with.