Arcola Football

Arcola Football 2022

Playing is a privilege not a right

This year the coaching staff will be:

Head/Defensive Coach Mayan -

Offensive Coach Torrens

All forms are located at and must be completed prior to the first day of practice. You may not be present at practice if the paperwork is not completed!

Our web site is:Athletics / Football

The schedule will be found here: Schedule

Join the hudle at: Join Team Team Code: cht7sap

The first day of practice is Tuesday, August 30th at 3:00 pm.

Meet in the team room after school with your name on your shirt...Front and Back. Bring Plenty of water! You will be doing a lot of running.

Be sure to have a ride home at 5:00 pm

For the rest of the season, practice will be after school (3-5) every day. Be sure to have a ride at 5. Bring Plenty of water! You will be doing a lot of running. Parents are to pick you up by 5:15 or your coaches will start coaching you again, This means push-ups or other exercises until your parents arrive.

The games will be on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated. For all games (yes, even home games), players must be on the bus to the game and back to school. Home games will take place at the high school.

An Arcola football player is…

  1. A responsible student and school citizen.

-Members may not be failing two or more subjects.

-Two “ineligible” periods may result in removal from the team.

-Three detentions or one suspension will result in removal from the team.

  1. On time and ready to practice every day.

-Players must communicate with a coach when there is a conflict before a practice or game.

-Three “unexcused” absences may result in removal from the team.

-PIAA rules state that a player must arrive at school before 10:00 am in order to participate that day.

-Any missed practice can affect participation in games.

  1. A team player.

-Respect other team members' abilities and efforts.

-Participation in games is earned and not guaranteed.

-We win as a team and lose as a team.

Ready to work hard and have a great season!

Playing is a privilege not a right

Arcola Football Strength & Conditioning Program

“ Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” - Jerry Rice

Keys to safe and effective training

  1. Set goals specific to training. When you break a goal, set a new one to work for.

    1. Examples: 10 perfect push-ups, 5-second 40-yard sprint, etc.

  1. Drink plenty of water!! (Urine should be a clear or light yellow color. If it’s a dark yellow, you are dehydrated)

    1. Water is always best!

    2. Gatorade and other “sports drinks” are only recommended during and after a workout. They are designed to replace lost nutrients and provide sugar to give you immediate energy. If you are not active, there’s no reason for it.

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet, but make certain that you eat a lot of good carbs to fuel your workouts and protein to help build and repair your muscles. Limit the junk; sugary, fried/greasy foods.

  1. REST!! Sleep 8 to 10 hours - A tired body performs worse and is more likely to become injured. Don’t stay up all night playing Fortnite!!!

  1. Warm-up thoroughly!! Do not rush through the exercises!!! Do them correctly.

  1. Perform exercises with proper technique.

  1. If weight training, do so with the guidance of someone who is experienced (a trainer, coach, etc.) and always have a spotter (someone there to assist you for safety).

    1. Start out at a low weight and gradually increase the intensity over the course of many workouts.

    2. Real gains happen over a period of time; months and years, not days or weeks.

  1. Always incorporate fun, alternative sports, or activities.


***For all workouts, it is very important that you view the videos and/or read the information found on the websites listed. Not doing so may lead to you performing the drills or workout incorrectly thereby defeating the purpose of the workout, or worse, cause injury.

Strength Program

Please re-read the “Keys to Safe and Effective Training” found at the beginning of this document

Weightlifting – If you plan to lift weights, make sure that you do so under the guidance of a trained or experienced adult; a coach or trainer for example. A plan should be made for you that fits your individual body and goals. Always make certain that you are doing the lifts properly, that you have a spotter, and that you are lifting a weight that you can handle. If you do not have access to weights or someone to help you, then see below...

Bodyweight Exercise Plan – The following is a very basic plan that anyone can do on their own.

  • Follow the pushup plan strictly.

  • Alternate Days A & B...allow at least 1, no more than two days of rest before you repeat a day. You may do all exercises on the same day if you want.

  • Goals - what you want to reach by the end of the summer. If the goal is easy, add more sets and reps. If the goal seems too much, then work harder and get as close as you can to it by the end of the summer.

1. Warm-up - See warm-up in the “Speed, Agility, & Conditioning” section.

2. Workouts - If it’s easy, wear a backpack with weights in it, or a weighted vest, or hold something heavy...add weight to your body.

Pushups - go to and follow the program there.

a. Modified style is ok when you begin your training but a regular style is expected when football begins. Pushup Variations if you cannot do a perfect pushup .(

“A” Day

  1. Sit-ups - Your goal is 3 sets of 20, no breaks. (A set is over if you have to stop or pause between reps) 1-minute rest between sets.

  2. Superman - Your goal is 3 sets of 30 seconds. 1-minute rest between sets.

  3. Plank - Your goals are 1 set of regular elbows plank for 1 minute. 1 set on the right elbow for 1 minute. 1 set on the left elbow for 1 minute. 1-minute rest between sets.

“B” Day

  1. Forward Walking Lunges - Your goal is 3 sets of 10 per leg, no breaks (set is over if you have to stop or pause). 1 minute between each set. (want to increase the intensity? Do “jumping lunges”)

  2. Standing Broad Jump Reebok CrossFit ONE Movement Demo "Broad Jump" . Your goal is 3 sets of 10, no breaks. 1-minute rest between sets. (set is over if you have to stop or pause).

  3. Chin-ups/Pull-ups (13 Pull-Up Alternatives if you don't have the equipment) - Your goal is 3 sets of 5, no breaks. 1-minute rest between sets. If you can’t do any, do a jumping pull-up; jump to grab the bar and use the momentum to help. (set is over if you have to stop or pause)

  4. Bear Crawl - Your goal is 3 sets, 20 yards each, no stopping. Rest 1 minute between each set.7 Bear Crawl Variations (set is over if you have to stop or pause)

3. Burpees - 20 every day!! Your goal is to do them in a row without stopping.- The Burpee

4. Tennis Ball Squeezes - Get a tennis ball and squeeze as hard as you can. At least 20 per hand, every other day. Grip strength is critical in most football skills.

5. Stretch all muscles worked. See “Stretch” in the next section.

Speed, Agility, and Conditioning

1. Alternate days with Strength work. However, you may do both on the same day. I recommend that you strength train first.

2. QB/WR/RB/TE - Carry a football wherever you can

3. Complete the Warm-up before EVERY workout

4. Choose B or C and follow the program for the rest of the summer. Add “D” as described below or in place of B or C.

5. Unless it’s otherwise stated, GIVE MAXIMUM EFFORT EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!


7. Stretch after each workout.

The Workouts

  1. Warm-up; DO THIS DAILY

    1. Watch the video at Football Dynamic Warm-Up (mute if you don’t want to hear the “S” word). Do these exercises before EVERY workout (20 yards each)

      1. Knee Hug to Lunge 10 yards + Sprint 10 yards

      2. High Knees 5 yards + Sprint 15 yards

      3. Backward Lunge 10 yards + Turn & Sprint 10 yards

      4. Lateral High Knees 5 yards + Sprint 15 yards

      5. Walking Hamstring (Frankenstein) 10 yards + Sprint 10 yards

      6. Lateral Power Step (¼ squat with lateral steps, 5 yards left, 5 yards right) + Sprint 10 yards

      7. Shuffle to Sprint 5 + Sprint 15 yards

      8. Hamstring Toe Touch (sweep the grass/shoe shiners) 10 yards + Sprint 10 yards

2. Cone Agilities (2 cones placed 5 yards apart, you will go around the far cone for each drill)

  1. Sprint- Sprint (1 time turning left around the cones, 1 time turning right)

  2. Back Pedal-Sprint (2 times switch sides)

  3. Figure 8 (2 times switch sides

Speed Conditioning Workouts - go to

    1. Download the workouts, view videos for specific drills

    2. Some drills that may not be found there….

E. Stretch - Follow post-workout stretch video here 5-minute post-workout stretch and recovery


“Every day you either get better or you get worse. You never stay the same.”