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Athletics and Activities Admin. Asst.             Mr. Michael Bourdreau

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Arcola Athletic Liaison Arcola Athletic Trainer

Mr. Ron Schnabel Miss Erin Tryon



What is needed to register to play a sport.

1. Sign up for Student Central (use the Parent and Student Getting Started Guide to help)

-You will complete the entire physical packet online

-You will need to print and then upload the doctors section (section 7) after the physical and the doctor signs the form. (If you have any questions please contact Erin Tryon (


2.  Online Concussion Test 

-designed for 7th graders (only need to take it once for the year and it is good for two years)

-if an 8th grader did not participate in a sport as a 7th grader, they will need to take it as well.

(If you have any questions please contact Erin Tryon (


3. Fill out the Emergency Medical Form (bottom of this page)


4. Print the athletic fee form, follow the instructions on the form before sending to the Arcola office.

The athletic fee can also be paid online (

The athletic fee is $50 for Arcola athletes.


5.  Visit the team site under the sports season at the top of the page.

General Information

 Spring Sports general information

Click on the above seasonal link for general information about all Sports.

Parent Transportation Form (google form)

Directions for AWAY games

Physicals Information


All paperwork for Physicals (CIPPE) will be collected completely online at Student Central(formerly planeths.  Below are links to help you with this process.  Please read all of the information to help you complete the documents correctly.   Contact the Arcola Athletic Trainer, Erin Tryon if you have any questions or concerns.


Go to Student Central (formerly planetHS) to begin the process 

 Parent and Student Getting Started Guide

(Please use this to start creating your account)

Concussion Test Information 

Concussion testing is for all 7th graders.  Any 8th grader that did not participate in athletics as a

7th grader should also take the test.   Please click on the link below for the 

Arcola imPACT Procedure.

When finished with the concussion test, please print the email.   You will need to upload this document into planetHS.  Save this email confirmation document.  You will need it if you play a sport in 8th grade.

8th grade:  Please upload the email confirmation document that you received and saved upon completing the concussion test as a 7th grade student.

Contact the Arcola Athletic Trainer, Erin Tryon if you have any questions or concerns. (

Athletic Fee Information 


For the 2023-2024 school year there will be a required $50 Athletic Fee .  This fee will be paid one time for the entire school year. 

This fee will cover the following:


Fall sports season

Winter sports season

Spring sports season

Arcola musical


Click this link for the Athletic Fee Form.  Print this form and follow the directions on the form.

Click this link to pay the Athletic Fee Online

Emergency Medical Form    

Click HERE to complete our REQUIRED emergency "card."