Metamask Chrome Extension | Metamask Extension for Chrome and Firefox

MetaMask extension- Outlining all the comprehensive details for you

Do you often deal with Ethereum or Ethereum-blockchain-based crypto assets? If yes, then you might be interested to know the fact that all crypto assets need a good crypto storage space for their safety. And the same is the case with ETH or ERC-20 crypto tokens. Yes, this is true, not just for any particular crypto asset but for all of the cryptocurrencies that exist in this world.

Keeping that, let us now shift our focus towards the MetaMask wallet which has been specifically developed to fulfill the Ethereum storage needs of the crypto investors. If we talk about its security features, then you should note that it is a wallet that ensures top-notch security of your crypto funds. Meanwhile, if you wish to get started with it, then you should immediately get the MetaMask extension or its mobile app installed on your device.

Once you have access to this wallet software, then you can get ahead by setting up this wallet. As soon as you do this, you will eventually be able to access all of its features and storage facilities.

Browsers that support the MetaMask extension

Before I walk you through the steps to install or add this extension to your web browser, I would like you to make sure that one of the following web browsers has been installed on your device. The following is the list of browsers on which you can get the extension added:

Meanwhile, if you wish to use MetaMask on your mobile device, then there is a mobile-friendly MetaMask application that can be installed on an Android or iOS device. If you believe that you have access to one of the listed browsers, then refer to the guidelines explained in the section to follow.

Getting the MetaMask extension downloaded

If you are planning to use MetaMask through your desktop, then you can download a compatible MetaMask browser extension. For general instructions on installing the extension, refer to the steps listed below:

Specifically talking about the MetaMask extension for chrome, refer to the details outlined in the section to follow.

An Outline to add MetaMask Chrome extension

If you are using a Chrome web browser, just like most of us do, then you can follow the given steps to get the MetaMask Chrome extension installed on your browser. Please be careful while applying these steps:

This way you can easily add the MetaMask extension for Chrome and then open it to set up your wallet right away.

How to set up a wallet on the MetaMask browser extension?

If you have decided to use the MetaMask wallet through your browser, then you need to set up the wallet once the extension is added. For the purpose of wallet creation, follow these easy steps:

Concluding thoughts: 

For accessing Ethereum-enabled distribution applications, the MetaMask extension plays a great role. If you are dealing with any of such apps, install MetaMask on your device without giving it a second thought. For clear instructions on how to do that, refer to the set of instructions that I have explained in the sections above.

With that, this article comes to an end and I hope you were able to extract useful information from here. For more information, do check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" we have included here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a MetaMask extension?

After installing the MetaMask extension on your browser, a fox-face icon would show up on the toolbar of your browser. To open MetaMask, all you need to do is select this icon and the homepage of the wallet would show up on your screen. From here, you can sign into an existing wallet or set up a new one.

How do I add MetaMask extension to Chrome?

Since a lot o us use Chrome web browser for surfing the web, hence adding a MetaMask extension to it would be highly accessible. For this, simply visit the official MetaMask website from a Chrome browser and select "Install MetaMask for Chrome." Then click on the "Add to Chrome" > "Add extension" option to finally add it to your web browser. 

What is the official MetaMask extension?

If you are doubtful that you will end up installing a fake MetaMask extension, then you need to understand that the official extension can only be extracted through its official platform viz. website. Just navigate to this webpage from your browser, select the "Download" button, and then select your browser to get started. 

How do I get MetaMask wallet extension?

If you wish to use this wallet through its extension, then you can go to the website, select the "Download" button and then proceed by choosing the "Install MetaMask for (browser name)" option. After this follow some easy prompts to get the extension added. Currently, the browsers that support this extension are Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.