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Sketch your crypto portfolio with MetaMask Chrome extension

MetaMask Chrome is one of the highly installed and used wallet extensions that won the trust of millions of investors with its secure and seamless working.

Right from how to install MetaMask on Chrome we will walk through the complete route that is essential for beginners in understanding the intact working of the wallet through this read. The process is simple if you succeed in developing a clear understanding of it. So, in this context, let’s get started from the scrap.

A quick exordium of MetaMask Chrome

MetaMask Chrome extension is one of the extensions that was launched by the team of the wallet in front of the world, a few years ago. You might have also heard about this wallet extension but the one that you have majorly heard of among all the extensions introduced to date is Chrome. Further, the extensions are launched for web plugins but still, there is a lot of chaos relating to the extensions and one of them is covered below.

Is MetaMask Chrome extension mobile available?

Extensions are the medium of connecting the wallet to the investors when they are opting to perform the wallet activities through a computer/laptop. Not only this, it even widens the access of investors to the existing dApps in the crypto world. Further, it helps in adding or modifying the functionality of the browsers. Considering this, people had a query relating if the extensions were launched for mobile devices as well.

In this context, it has been clarified that there is no MetaMask extension Android. Further, the same is the case with the iOS devices. In short, there are no extensions introduced by the team for mobile devices. Mobile users can take advantage of the wallet facilities by downloading the MetaMask app on their mobile devices (Android/iOS).

Procedure to download MetaMask Chrome extension from the get go

Installing MetaMask for Chrome as an extension sound quite technical but it is not really so. People must have knowledge of how to perform the installation process sequentially. Lack of this information might put investors in a situation to wander on the official platform of the wallet.

Thus, ensuring that you don’t lose the plot, we are hereby providing an outline of the actions that you’ll have to perform.

How to add MetaMask to Chrome in just three simple steps!!

For initiating the MetaMask extension download process ensure that you are having access to the internet connection. Once checked, perform the following actions:

Hooray!! With this, the installation process will get started and will end in a few minutes.

Creating a MetaMask Wallet for storing the crypto funds securely

The steps to create a wallet are kept simple so that novice investors don’t face any kind of difficulty in getting a wallet enrolled in their name. The major steps involved in the process of creating a wallet are:

Unlocking the wallet with a secret key

MetaMask login is as easy as a cakewalk if you are having the wallet password with you. With just a few simple clicks, you will be able to land in your wallet. Below, is an overview of the steps that you’ll have to do.

The concerns relating to the MetaMask Chrome extension

There are several concerns that relate to the working of the MetaMask Wallet. They can be the general issues that create obstacles in the working of the wallet such as login issues, connection issues, loading issues, and many other others that influence the wallet activities, but above all one of the most highlighted concerns which is underrated nowadays is the verification of the MetaMask extension which you are about to install.

However, you can tackle this concern by simply practicing a couple of activities. The practices might seem quite technical but are simple when practiced.

Grounds to pay heed on

Winding Up

MetaMask Chrome extension provides a pathway through which investors can interact with the wallet and other dApps existing in the crypto world. What’s most important here is that users have to investigate if the extension, they have installed is legitimate or not. The other extensions of MetaMask are like two peas in a pod to the MetaMask extension for Chrome. In case you ever face login issues or connection issues, just try general troubleshooting measures for solving the issue conveniently on your own.


What is the official MetaMask extension?

To be noted, there is not a single official extension launched to support the working of this wallet rather there are a few famous browser extensions that are added for this purpose. They are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera.

How do I open a MetaMask extension?

To open the extension, locate the files that you have recently installed, and from there select the MetaMask extension. You can even open the extension by clicking on the puzzle-shaped icon located at the search bar of your browser.

Is MetaMask a Chrome extension?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that has added Chrome as an extension to support wallet activities when processed through a web plugin.

Is MetaMask a safe extension?

Yes. MetaMask is completely safe and the extensions launched for supporting the working of this wallet are also reliable. The wallet is considered compatible for providing a safe place for storing crypto assets.