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MetaMask Extension - Unlocking the blockchain app access

In this new cryptocurrency era, several platforms are available in the market to divert the attention of traders and investors toward their crypto platform. As of now, there are abundant crypto trading platforms and crypto-storing wallets in the industry, giving plenty of choices to traders to select from. But out of all the software crypto wallets, there is only one wallet that has stood out the most in the market. And the said wallet is the MetaMask Wallet. It is one of the most famous wallets which works to give full protection to the funds stored by you in the account. 

However, even though the platform has confirmed that the best security measures for the fund's security are available, you can never be sure. There are always some loopholes present that might harm your account. Cyber Attack has always been one of the weakest points in the digital world for digital investors and traders. So, in situations like this, everybody needs an efficient wallet that works to provide a secure digital environment for the strong and effective protection of digital assets. So, this article will mainly emphasize MetaMask Extension in detail. 

What is MetaMask Wallet?

In the crypto world, having a suitable wallet for funds has become a necessity to keep up with the crypto industry. Without a crypto wallet, you cannot move further with the trading. For a beginner, it is hard to determine which wallet is best or not the wallet because they might feel that every wallet has the same features or not. This is where the MetaMask Wallet comes in, this wallet is the default for the EVM and Ethereum-compatible networks. Most ETH buyers prefer to use this wallet for selling, purchasing, and offering top-notch protection to digital funds. 

To expand the accessibility of this wallet among users, it has been made available in the form of a mobile application or as a MetaMask Extension for Web browsers. 

Features of MetaMask Extension

A unique amenity given by the MetaMask, by launching a community support center so that whenever any issue occurs, you will be able to get assistance by explaining your problem there. 

By using the MetaMask, you will never have to worry about the data, because the wallet will never lead to the loss of your funds or any of the data that you have kept in it. You can enjoy all the privacy and security you want.

Downloading and Installation of MetaMask 

To start using the wallet first you will need to download and install the MetaMask Extension in your respective Web Browser. Though assuming that most people have Google Chrome as their default Web browser, we will be explaining you about the installation steps through the following steps:

Hence, after these simple six steps, your MetaMask Extension has been accomplished without any interruption. If you failed to execute the steps in the same sequence as given, then there are chances that the extension installation has not been done yet.

How to Sign up on MetaMask?

To use this wallet extension or the application you will need to create a fresh account on it if you are using this wallet for the first time. And if you are an existing user of the wallet but were not active on the account then you can execute the Wallet importing procedure with the help of Secret Recovery Phrase. Let us commence with the steps to signing up on the MetaMask:

You can now move further with the next procedures explained in further sections of the article.

Unlocking MetaMask Wallet

Next up is the procedure of unlocking the MetaMask Wallet, if you haven’t been active on the platform for quite some time then the chances of your account being logged out are higher. Hence, to overcome situations like these you should know the unlocking procedure of MetaMask. Follow the guide given below:

Finally, your MetaMask Wallet account has been unlocked and you can begin your crypto trading.

Supported tokens by MetaMask

After the wallet login has been done, you should which tokens are available on the platform on which you can trade. Following is the list of those tokens:

Surely, the MetaMask Extension has all the popular Ethereum-based tokens listed on it. It gives users a wide range of tokens to choose from. If you want to view the complete list of tokens then visit their official website to know it. To save you time here is the link to the official website of MetaMask wallet 

Wrapping it Up!

We hope that our article piqued your interest to try out this amazing crypto wallet. It is perfectly suitable to provide the much-needed security to the funds stored in the wallet. It is the only software wallet that has enough security measures to keep funds protected. The stored digital assets are under high protection of the added security layers of the platform. Furthermore, you can inspect the official site of MetaMask Extension to grasp some other important facts that are not in this article. By doing this you will a little more about the wallet which is highly beneficial if you are a beginner.

Disclaimer-"Do not interpret the given information as the endorsement of metamask in any manner. We have included all these details only to train and guide our readers about using metamask. The furnished information may not always be completely accurate. Also, using any crypto service comes with some risks. So, make sure that you do your own research before you take any actions referring to this website."