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MetaMask Extension – A detailed guide for fresh traders

Trading in crypto assets is not everyone’s cup of tea. A person must have a keen interest in the industry or the willingness to learn new things if they want to start with crypto. As a trader, you need to make up your mind about facing losses and gaining profits on the platform. And if you are not sure, then take the advice from the people having trading experience. A crypto trader needs a digital wallet to keep their funds crypto funds in, just like they keep their money in their wallet. Now, what is the use of that wallet? The function of the wallet is to protect the funds from any potential scams.

But it seems a little hard task to find a wallet with absolutely no harm, so we’ve made your task easy, here is the guide toa fully reliable wallet called MetaMask Extension. Read till the end to learn the working guide of the wallet right here.

How to install MetaMask Extension?

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MetaMask Extension
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This is the process of installing of easy browser extension but since you are new in this industry, here we guide you to install the browser with the given two methods below:

Method 1

You can follow any of the methods you feel comfortable with, so let us begin with the first one:

Soon the process will be complete.

Method 2

Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to complete the MetaMask Extension download steps.

How to download the MetaMask App?

To download the MetaMask Application on mobile here are the steps to it:

However, if you take our word, we will advise you to use MetaMask Extension over its mobile application as it more safe but the rest is up to you. Both of the platforms work to you the best possible security.

Wallet Setup steps

For you to begin using the account of your crypto wallet, you need to have an account first. Just downloading and installing of application will not help you. You will have to perform the steps of account setup on MetaMask Extension, and only after that, you can use this non-custodial software wallet to make any crypto trade. So, follow through the process belowto set up your wallet account:

After the successful execution of these seven steps here, you’ve finished the wallet setup, you can now start making trades here. If you face any issues during the execution of these steps, go to the support system and ask them to help.

Steps to login to MetaMask

You need to perform the steps below if somehow the wallet logs your account out or you use it after several days of inactivity. The process will not take much of your time, so perform the steps in this section accurately and you will have the account access:

It will take you to the homepage or dashboard of your account. From there you can start your journey of executing crypto deals in any manner you may like.

Summing it Up!

We end our article on the MetaMask Extension guide here, the said guide includes wallet download, account registration, and login steps. However, if you need to learn about the steps on how to execute a transaction or any other thing, then you must use MetaMask’s educational resources that will give you a deep explanation of it. For the few time, MetaMask will also guide you through the features of it when you use it for the very first time. We hope that now you know what are the procedures to undertake if you want to start using it. Additionally, it also has a good customer care staff that will help you if you have any problems, however, before you use this service, you should try to use the troubleshooting measures because most problems tend to resolve through the execution of them. But if your issue persists contact for support and seek guidance from the executive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MetaMask Safe?

MetaMask Extension undertakes all the measures possible to give users the protection they need for their funds. However, since this wallet is non-custodial, the users are also equally responsible for the security of their assets.

Is MetaMask free to use?

You can download and install the browser from the respective official sources for free without having to pay for fee. Traders can use this platform's services either through the mobile application of MetaMask or from their web browser in the form of MetaMask Extension.

Who is the CEO of MetaMask?

Aron Davis is the founder of MetaMask, it was his vision to develop this software non-custodial wallet called MetaMask for the security of funds stored in this digital wallet.

Is MetaMask Safe for Mobile?

This wallet has a browser extension and a mobile application, but we recommend that you prefer to use the MetaMask Extension as it is more secure than the others. On mobile applications the chances to install any wrong or scammed application which is more likely to harm your device. Whereas in browser extension, this is not the case.

How to recover MetaMask?

In the situation where you lose your phone, login credentials,etc, the only option you have is the seed phrase of your account. With the use of this phrase, you might get your account back but if you do not have this as well then neither you nor the customer care system can do anything to help you.

Can I add the MetaMask extension to Chrome on mobile?

The mobile version of Chrome browser does not support any kind of add-ons or extensions. So, if you are wondering whether or not you can add MetaMask to Chrome on your mobile device, then you need to know that this is not possible. However, if you wish to install and use MetaMask on your Android or iOS device, then you can do so from the Google Play Store or the App Store respectively. After installing the MetaMask app on your mobile device or web browser, you can go ahead with the steps to create a new wallet or import your pre-existing wallet. To import the wallet, you will only need your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase. On the other hand, if you wish to create a new wallet, then you can do so by choosing the "Create New Wallet" option present on the main screen of the wallet.

Can you use MetaMask on a mobile browser?

MetaMask is a software crypto wallet that is available as a browser extension and a mobile app for users residing across the globe. As we know our web browsers are also available on our mobile devices, hence, we might get curious to know whether or not can we use MetaMask on our mobile browsers. Well, in that case, I would say that MetaMask is not available for mobile browsers but for PC browsers. However, it does not mean that you cannot use MetaMask on your mobile device. Well, to use MetaMask on your mobile devices, you can install the MetaMask mobile application on your device. The app can be directly installed from the official website of MetaMask. From the website, you can navigate to the "Download" page from where you'll get the installation link. You can also install this app from the respective application store of your device on your Android or iOS devices.

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