MetaMask Extension for Chrome and Firefox | MetaMask Wallet Login

A quick peek into a MetaMask extension wallet life

Alright, so cryptocurrencies have been stealing the spotlight, pretty much everywhere. And with the high prices and opportunities of earning, we don’t actually mind giving it such significance.

But since the beginning, the one thing that people around the world have been neglecting is the cyber threats that cryptocurrency has managed to attract over time and it is time we help you get through it.

Cryptocurrency wallets in the online realm have been exclusively created to help you with digital fund safety and today we thought we’d draw your attention to the almighty, MetaMask extension wallet for providing us with ultimate crypto protection and a few other crypto-related services.

Here, in the following read, we’ll tell you exactly what MetaMask is and aims to achieve, we’ll tell you about using it, along with steps and procedures to install the wallet and set it up, and so much more.

Take a stroll through the brief introduction section

This part of the read has been carefully prepared to help you with finding answers to the two most asked questions- “What is the MetaMask browser extension?” and “How do I use MetaMask extension?”.

First things first the MetaMask extension is an exclusively designed crypto wallet that is offered to users as a browser extension and is capable of trading transactions, deposits, and withdrawals in Ethereum and other ERC20 cryptos.

And when it comes to using the wallet service, we’d like to tell you that you’ll first have to install the extension, and then set up a wallet account for yourself to make deposits for storing and holding crypto and further decide on trading in them.

Installation, account creation, and password security

This part of the read will answer your doubts when it comes to using the MetaMask extension on your compatible web browsers. We have covered the following:

  • The sign up

  • The MetaMask extension login with password

So, read on if you really want to know “how can you download and install and setup MetaMask wallet extension?”

Installing the wallet extension for Ethereum

  1. Choose “Download Now” on the MetaMask webpage.

  2. Select the browser you want to install it on (assuming Chrome).

  3. Now, respectively tap “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension”.

Note: Make sure that the installation or let’s say, the download has been complete before moving further. Just get on the official web address-

Set up password security for your account

  1. Launching the MetaMask extension, you need to “Get Started”.

  2. Choose “Create a Wallet” and read through the given terms.

  3. Go forward with “I Agree” and submit the password you want.

  4. Reconfirm that you agree to the terms and end with “Create”.

Note: While you are at it, here are the compatible choices you have in web browsers- MetaMask extension for Chrome, MetaMask extension for Firefox, MetaMask Brave extension, and MetaMask Edge extension. Just head into and begin.

MetaMask extension problems and other queries

In our experience, you are bound to come across some issues throughout your journey with the exclusive MetaMask extension wallet. So, we’ve procured a list of all the frequently occurring issues that you may or may not encounter:

And in addition to that, people on the wallet network have been asking around for help with the MetaMask password reset procedure, and the Metamask extension sync with mobile procedure. All of these can be done and overcome with the help of the customer support team that the brands put in place.


To conclude the long and descriptive read above, we think that the MetaMask extension wallet is worthy of all the attention and recognition it has been getting from all over the world. It offers world-class security features, access to tons of Ether-based crypto including Ethereum, and access to Ethereum applications without making the blockchain download a necessity. Don’t believe us? Follow the steps above for installation and setup, and see it for yourself.

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Get on reading this MetaMask Extension data piece and get to know about using it along with the steps to acquire the plugin and set it up with security.


How do I open a MetaMask extension?

Installing the MetaMask extension is highly facile and just requires you to go through a few clicks. But what happens after installing it? You’ll have to launch the extension for moving ahead, follow the enlisted for the same:

  1. Complete the steps of installation.

  2. Look for the plugin in the toolbar of the browser.

  3. Launch it if you find the extension there.

  4. If not, the “puzzle-piece” icon is your way to go.

  5. Check the list of installed extensions to find “MetaMask”.

  6. On finding the plugin, double-click and launch it.

How to install MetaMask extension on Android?

The MetaMask extension has made its services easier to access and benefit from. Therefore, we thought we could help you with installing the service on your Android phones:

  1. On the MetaMask website, hit the “Download” option.

  2. On reaching the next page, choose the tile for “Android”.

  3. Then, go on with “Install MetaMask for Android”.

  4. When you reach the Google Play Store, install the app.

  5. And finish the setup with MetaMask Mobile Sync.

Can I use MetaMask extension on my phone?

Well, the answer to the above question is yes, you can, very easily, use your MetaMask extension account on your phone. All you have to do is follow the steps below to sync your account to your mobile phone and you’re set:

  1. Go on to download the “MetaMask Mobile”.

  2. Open it and choose the “Sync or Import” tab.

  3. Now, go ahead and tap on “Scan QR code”.

  4. Get to “Settings” and place a tap on “Advanced”.

  5. Finally, finish with the “Sync with Mobile” link.

Is MetaMask extension Safe?

The MetaMask extension has been acquiring an increasing user base constantly and one of the major causes behind it are the security protocols that the brand has employed in its services. Users on the network can transact in Ether and other related tokens with the highest standards of feasibility and the wallet service is designed to always stay on your default browser, as long as it is compatible, with the best security measures that you can ever imagine.