MetaMask Wallet

Metamask Wallet: The Crypto Wallet for Defi and Web3 Dapps 

New user on the MetaMask wallet? This write-up has got you covered 

When it comes to choosing a safe cryptocurrency wallet, people often look for something that is reliable and would cater to their crypto trading/storing needs. And here comes MetaMask wallet into the picture. This wallet is specially built for those who are looking for a hot wallet with diverse benefits and features. Therefore, through this read, I am going to make a discussion on some important topics related to this wallet that has brought it to the position today it is at.

The upcoming sections of the article will cover details on the working of the MetaMask wallet, the process to get it installed, setting up a new wallet, logging into it, and some more essentials. So, stay tuned to learn more about it.

How does MetaMask wallet work?

MetaMask works in a completely non-custodial manner meaning that they will be in complete control of all the crypto assets that they have stored in their wallet accounts. There are multiple unique features of the wallet that allow its users to securely connect to different decentralized applications that are available in the crypto economy. And, it also makes sure that you get to explore the decentralized Web3 world very seamlessly.

Download and install MetaMask wallet extension

In order to access all the features and functionalities of your MetaMask wallet, you need to download and install the wallet files on your device. The wallet is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Firefox and it also works via its mobile app as well. So, first, let us know the steps to get the extension:

MetaMask app download procedure 

As said above, the MetaMask wallet can be operated via its mobile app as well. So, here we are with the steps to get the wallet app installed on our Android/iOS devices:

MetaMask sign up or the wallet set-up process 

After installing the app or its wallet extension, the next step that you are supposed to take is to set up the wallet on your device. For this purpose, here are the steps you need to follow:

Now, that you have created your wallet, you can add multiple accounts to it or use your primary account for storing your assets. However, to carry out any operations on the wallet, you need to sign into your wallet account and the steps to do the same are mentioned in the upcoming section.

MetaMask login with password

If you want, you can surely have access to your wallet with the help of the password that you created during the wallet setup process. Here are the steps to sign into your wallet account:

How do you find out the MetaMask wallet address?

Finding out your wallet address is one of the most essential things that you need to do if you wish to store crypto assets in it. This wallet address comes into action when you need to send crypto funds from any exchange that you have purchased your cryptocurrencies from. Apart from that, if you are requesting someone to send you crypto or you wish to exchange crypto assets within different wallets, then this wallet will definitely be needed. Here are the steps to finding out your MetaMask wallet address:

Now, you can copy this wallet address and send it to those who you are expecting cryptocurrencies from. Else, you can use this MetaMask wallet address in the "Send" tab of your crypto exchange to send your purchased crypto to this wallet for its safe storage.

Summing up the read: 

The document above encompasses all the different articles that you might be looking for as a beginner on this platform. After reading through the details, you must have understood that using a MetaMask wallet is like having a piece of cake. In case you found these fruitful, do not forget to share them with other interested users so that they can carry out a smooth journey on this platform.