MetaMask Wallet: The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs

MetaMask wallet- Say hello to this fantastic Ethereum-compatible wallet

A new user may ask, what is MetaMask wallet and how it is going to help him in his crypto trading journey ? Well, if you are also struggling with the same query, we have got something really important for you. The article intends to help you get access to a whole bunch of information that would aid in getting started with MetaMask.

If you are a beginner who's just getting started with the Ethereum blockchain, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we are going to tell you about the basics of using MetaMask wallet along with the procedural guidelines on signing in to it. 

What is MetaMask wallet?

This is one of the most well-known and widely used Ethereum-based wallets letting you have access to safe storage for your crypto assets. Now, if you are wondering whether you’d be able to use this wallet on your device or not?

The good piece of news is that this wallet is highly compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. On desktops, you can use it through its web browser extension. While, on a smartphone, you can use it through its mobile-friendly application. And here are the easy stepwise guidelines that you can follow to get started. 

How do you download MetaMask browser extension?

As we have already told you that you can use MetaMask wallet by downloading and installing the browser extension on your browser. And the supported web browsers are as follows:

However, the MetaMask wallet extension is not supported by the Safari web browser. Such users are advised to either use the Chrome browser or use the MetaMask app on their mobile phones. 

If your device has any one of the browsers listed above, follow these steps for download:

Steps to install MetaMask Chrome extension

Now, if you are successful enough to get the wallet extension downloaded, you can follow these steps to get the installation done:

Answering if there is a MetaMask Chrome extension mobile

Even if you are using the Chrome browser on your mobile device, there is no way you can use any extensions on it. 

However, to make sure that you get to use MetaMask on your mobile device, you are suggested to use the MetaMask mobile application. 

This app allows you to make sure that you are getting to use all the included features in a single place. 

MetaMask login with password 

If you do have access to your MetaMask login password and you are locked out of your MetaMask wallet, then getting back into the wallet is pretty easy.

All you need to do is open the wallet app or the extension on your device.

Then, you will see a space assigned for entering the wallet password. Simply, feed in the wallet password in the given space and you will be logged in. 

Fetching your MetaMask wallet address 

Obviously, to receive your crypto funds, you will require your MetaMask wallet address, and to generate your wallet address, here is what you need to do:

Along with the wallet address, you can also generate the QR code which can be scanned by others to send you crypto funds. 

Note: Your wallet address is a string of characters that are present in the alphanumeric format. 


How to log out of MetaMask app?

You will be automatically locked out of your MetaMask wallet app if you do not use it for a longer duration. However, you can also log yourself out of your wallet app manually by tapping on the lock icon present near the profile icon. So, to unlock your wallet the next time you want to use it, simply type the MetaMask login password on the main screen. 

How to create MetaMask wallet in Android?

To set up a new MetaMask wallet on your Android device, you need to download the MetaMask app from the official website or the Google Play Store. Once you have the wallet app ready with you, you can open it, enter the requested data, and back up the seed phrase. 

Is MetaMask a safe wallet?

MetaMask provides you with a self-custody wallet which means you are the sole owner of the funds you have stored in your wallet. To make it safer, you will be provided with the secret recovery phrase and you can also set up a strong password to make sure nobody gets access to it. 

What coins can I buy on MetaMask?

New MetaMask users who do not know much about this wallet should note that MetaMask supports all kinds of Ethereum-compatible tokens. The wallet allows you to store all ERC-20 tokens, some NFTs, as well as a wide range of blockchains.


It’s pretty obvious that you must have gone through the details given above. Till the time you reach here, you must have understood about MetaMask wallet at length. If not, you can definitely check out some questions and answers that are given below to expand your area of knowledge about using MetaMask.