Metamask Sign In : The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs

MetaMask sign in- A software wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain

Want to explore and learn about how MetaMask works? Are you going to use it for the first time? Are you finding it difficult to get started?

If yes, the detailed read is going to help you in all these scenarios by giving you deep insights on using MetaMask as a beginner. Well, it is not possible to use MetaMask, if you do not have your MetaMask sign in credentials ready.

But, you should understand the fact that MetaMask is extremely easy to use if you apply the given instructions in the same manner as I am about to discuss below.

What is MetaMask wallet?

A popular non-custodial wallet, the MetaMask wallet is a hot crypto wallet that provides you with several storage options letting you enjoy complete peace of mind. The wallet is known for its ease of usefulness, and the inclusion of buy, send and receive options. And most importantly, you can use this wallet for the collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) across different blockchains. All these features are in-app features allowing you to work with these features altogether.

Is MetaMask safe?

As they say, the security of the funds should be the topmost priority of the wallet holders. Therefore, you should acknowledge the incorporated security feature before you decide to trust your funds in any wallet. Similarly, if you wish to use the MetaMask wallet for your funds, then you need to pay attention to making it more secure.

Although, they use industry-leading security measures to secure users' funds. However, there are a few things you need to do on your own i.e. create a strong enough MetaMask sign in password, never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone, and most importantly, enable 2FA if possible.

MetaMask download- Acquiring the MetaMask extension

There are two ways through which you can use the wallet service on your device i.e. through the wallet extension and the mobile application. So, let us first talk about the process to download MetaMask Chrome browser extension as an example:

  1. Open the download page-

  2. Here, you can click on the "Install MetaMask for Chrome"

  3. If you do not see this option, select the preferred browser icon

  4. On the appearing page, click on "Add to Chrome" > "Add extension"

  5. Respond to the upcoming prompts and soon the extension would be added

Note: Follow a similar process to install MetaMask for Edge, Brave, or Firefox.

Now comes the section where we shall guide you on setting up a new MetaMask wallet alongside creating your MetaMask sign in credentials.

MetaMask sign up- Set up a new wallet

  1. Open the MetaMask web3 wallet and select "Get Started"

  2. Thereafter, you can read and agree to the terms by selecting the given box

  3. Create your MetaMask sign in and confirm it

  4. Keep in mind the MetaMask password length while creating the password

  5. Then, you need to create a backup of the secret recovery phrase

Log into MetaMask official site sign in on pc

To access your MetaMask login account, you can follow the steps enlisted right in the section below:

  1. To begin, please open the extension downloaded via

  2. Click "Get started" if you see this option on the main screen

  3. Now, in the available space, enter the wallet password carefully

  4. Next up, you can click on the "Sign In" or "Unlock" button

The same procedure can be followed for MetaMask login with a password.

How do I get for Windows 10?

The possible ways through which you can use MetaMask on your Windows 10 device is by installing one of the following extensions:

  • MetaMask chrome extension

  • MetaMask edge extension

  • Or, the MetaMask Firefox extension

How to use MetaMask chrome extension mobile?

FYI, there is no MetaMask extension for mobile users. However, the users who wish to use MetaMask on their mobile devices need to understand the fact that they can use MetaMask through the mobile application as well. There are two ways through which you can have the application installed on your device i.e. from the Application store (Google Play Store/ App Store) or through the official website. Once you have the app, you can use your MetaMask sign in credentials to access your wallet.

FAQs - Metamask Sign in

  1. How to connect to MetaMask from a website?

The simplest way to connect MetaMask to a website is- 1. Open the website you want it to connect to 2. then, open the MetaMask extension and sign in to it 3. Open the menu by tapping on the given three dots 4. When you choose the "Connected sites" option, please select that you wish to manually connect to the current website.

2.How to install MetaMask on your PC?

The PC installation of MetaMask requires you to install the MetaMask extension on one of the browsers it is compatible with. Well, you can install the extension on browsers such as Brave, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. This extension can be acquired by navigating to the official MetaMask website.

3.How do I access MetaMask in Chrome?

To access your MetaMask wallet through the Chrome browser, you first need to make sure that you have added its extension to your device. The extension can be installed from the website or the Chrome extension store. After it is added to your browser, you can just use your MetaMask sign in credentials to access the wallet.

4.Why are MetaMask fees so high?

The gas fees charged by different platforms are dynamic and so is the case with MetaMask. The dynamic fee is the cause of the network traffic. So, when there is high traffic on the MetaMask network, you need to pay a higher fee.


To conclude, it would not be wrong to say that MetaMask sign in opens a gateway for us to interact with the Web3 platforms. The only downside of using this wallet is that you will not be able to store crypto coins other than ETH and ERC 20 tokens. However, if you plan to use a wallet that works best with the Ethereum blockchain, then you can definitely give this wallet a try.