MetaMask Extension: The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs

MetaMask extension- A hot wallet with a multitude of functionalities

If you have landed on this page, you have most likely made a good choice by selecting MetaMask for the storage of your crypto funds. There are several good things about using this wallet service and most importantly it helps you interact with the dapps compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

When you first think of using MetaMask, you should note the fact that this hot wallet can be used on desktops as well as smartphones. Desktop users can effortlessly download the MetaMask extension on their browsers while mobile phone users can use the MetaMask mobile application.

Isn't that so easy? Well, the MetaMask wallet comes with a lot of perks, and therefore, you should set up this wallet without any further ado.

So, we'll get you there step-by-step through this article right away.

Guiding steps to download and install MetaMask browser extension

As we know, the MetaMask extension is available for different web browsers including Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, therefore you can follow a similar set of steps to get the extension downloaded. On the other hand, you can use the respective extension store of your browser to find and install the extension on your browser. Else, follow these steps:

  1. Use a browser and go to the "" site

  2. Click the "Download" button placed on the main screen

  3. Followed by this, you can select the preferred browser icon

  4. Now, you will need to follow the prompted steps based on your browser

Specifically, if you wish to install MetaMask extension for Chrome, check out the steps given below:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Extension Store and open the search bar

  2. In it, you can look for "MetaMask" and click "Add to Chrome"

  3. After this, you can click the "Add extension" option

  4. Wait for the process to end and the extension would be added

How to get MetaMask extension Firefox?

You can either get the MetaMask extension on your Firefox browser by navigating to the official website of the platform. Or, you can also get the extension from the add-ons section in your Firefox. In this section, you can easily search for "MetaMask" and then it the way you add other extensions.

Similarly, if you prefer to get MetaMask brave extension, you can either use the official website of the extensions store of Brave.

How do you set up a new MetaMask wallet?

After downloading the extension on your browser, you can go launch the extension and set up the wallet in the same manner as explained below:

  1. On the main page of the wallet, click "GET STARTED"

  2. Click the "Create wallet" option in this step

  3. Read and accept the given details to proceed

  4. Choose a password for the MetaMask extension login password

  5. After confirming the same, you'll see the seed phrase

  6. Click "I've copied it somewhere" when you're done backing it up

  7. Hurrah! You have successfully set up your wallet

A brief discussion on the MetaMask extension login

In order to log in to your MetaMask wallet through the extension, you first need to download the extension through your web browser. Once you have the extension added, you can launch it, enter the login credentials of the wallet and then click on the given "Sign In" button. Additionally, if you are accessing your wallet for the very first time on this device or you do not remember the sign-in password, you can use the secret recovery phrase to log into your wallet.

Is there a MetaMask Chrome extension Android mobile

If you own an Android mobile device that has a Chrome browser installed on it, then you should note that the MetaMask chrome extension does not work on Android devices. On Android devices, you can use MetaMask only through the compatible mobile application.

The mobile app for MetaMask can be downloaded in two ways i.e. from the official website itself and from the Google Play Store as well.

MetaMask extension not working? Learn why

Having the MetaMask extension is a crucial step towards using the MetaMask wallet service as it serves as the gateway to access all the incorporated features. Therefore, if this extension stops working, you will not be able to use it as and when required. Hence, in that case, it becomes extremely crucial for us to learn why this extension is not working. Along with that, knowing the ways to fix the issue is also required.


  • Using an outdated version of the extension

  • The corrupt version of the files installed

  • Browser caches are causing a problem

  • Outdated version of the web browser or the device


  • Try clearing your browser's cache

  • Uninstall and reinstall the extension

  • Restart your computer or the web browser

  • Lock and unlock the wallet

  • Turn off the VPN and then access MetaMask

For additional details, don't forget to check out the FAQs.


  • How do I open a MetaMask extension?

You first need to download the MetaMask extension from the Chrome Web Store Extensions or from the official MetaMask website. Followed by this, you can click on the puzzle icon on the taskbar of your browser and select the fox-like icon of MetaMask to open the extension on your browser.

  • Does MetaMask have a Safari extension?

Unfortunately, you can download and operate the MetaMask extension through the Safari browser because there is no such safari extension available. However, the MetaMask extension is available on some popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Brave, or Edge. Additionally, it can also be operated via its iOS and Android application.

  • How do I add a MetaMask extension to my iPhone?

On iPhone, MetaMask can only be operated through its application as there is no MetaMask extension available for iPhone users. You can get this app downloaded in two ways- through the official website or directly from the App Store of your device. However, before you click the "Get" option, check its developer and the number of downloads.

  • Does MetaMask work on Apple?

MetaMask works through web browser extensions and mobile-friendly applications. The extension can be installed on browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, or Firefox whereas the mobile app can be installed on Android and iOS devices.


If you haven't set up your wallet yet, then what you are waiting for? Go and get the MetaMask extension downloaded and set up this Ethereum-compatible wallet right away. In today's post, we have talked about this wallet service at length. And, we assume that you have found a satisfactory answer to your queries regarding this wallet.