metamask login

Metamask Login Account - A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps

Metamask is a crypto wallet to maintain and store your cryptocurrency. You just need to understand few basic steps to get the access to metamask login. This article is going to help you to get better understanding of these concepts and procedures.

If you want to install metamask to your system, then these are the steps to do so-

In the beginning, you need to visit the login website of Metamask on your device.

Click on the option- “Get Chrome Extension” to install the Metamask.

The next step is to tap on the “Add to Chrome” in the upper right corner.

To add the extension, tap on the “Add Extension” feature in your browser. That will complete the installation process.

A fox log will be there on the upper right corner on the screen of your browser that is how you will know that it has been installed.

Here are the steps which are required for you to follow, in order to login metamask-

  • The very first and basic step you need to do is install the metamask wallet to store the cryptocurrencies.

  • Add extension of the metamask as explained before.

  • Tap on the Metamask Logo in the upper right-hand corner of your Google Chrome browser.

  • Take a look on the terms and conditions and tap on “Agree”

  • There might be chances that have to agree to the 2 to 3 pages of the terms.

  • Type the unique password and Click on the “Create” option to create the wallet.

  • You will witness the set of “Seed words” for your vault.

  • Click on the “Save Seed Words as File” option to a safe place.Now you are required to access the vault.

  • After doing this, you have to Click on the option “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” for safety reasons if your seed words file has been copied to somewhere safer

  • Your system will get redirected to the Metamask Login Wallet.

  • Till here, you have successfully created your account on the main network.

  • Now, you will the Ethereum network, if you want to start the experiments with Metamask, then you need to shift to one of the stored networks by clicked on the “ Main Network” option.

  • Choose one of the testnets like Ropsten Test Network or the any other test networks.

  • Through this Test Network, you can safely “buy” and “Send” test.

  • Ether from the faucet and starts to experiment with the blockchain.

  • Tap around within the text network and start to know the working of metamask Login.

  • The very last step is to follow the instructions visible on your screen and your task will be completed.

There is a possibility that you face an issue while doing the login procedure. Here are steps to solve the metamask minified react error. Follow these steps to get the best results and resolve your query-

  • In the beginning, switch to some other chain for some time and download the old version to login metamask.

  • Start using different chain to login Metamask account.

  • Start your PC again.

  • After doing this, open your browser, then click on Metamask extension. It will start displaying on screen.

  • Select any Network of your choice, from the menu before you enter the password.

  • Then enter your password and tap on login.

  • You need to follow the given instructions on the screen.


We have tried to explain the login procedure and solution to the errors, if occurred. This article includes the steps to install the metamask to your system. You can visit the official website of metamask sign in if you facing issues. Feel free to contact us for further details.