4th Grade



Homework for the week of 12/03/18 - 12/07/18

Vocabulary Words

Test on Friday, December 7

1. jiffy - a short amount of time

2. ramshackle - poorly made, falling apart

3. peculiar - off or strange

4. spectacles - eyeglasses

5. musty - moldy or stale

6. gizzard - part of a bird's digestive tract

7. froth - bubbles or foam on top of, or in, a liquid

8. grim - gloomy

9. blossom - a flower or cluster of flowers

10. bulging - having a protruding part or swelling that curves out

Please encourage students to study a little bit everyday rather than a crazy amount on Thursday night. Remember, we are preparing the students for their future. We want to help form good study habits instead of bad ones.

Flash cards are a great way to study. Students receive a vocab list every other week which can be cut and turned into flash cards.

On Wednesday or Thursday night a practice test can be done at home so that you know which words they are struggling with.