4th Grade



Homework for the week of 03/18/19 - 03/22/19

Vocabulary Words

Test Friday, March 22

*there are only 9 words this week

*vocab test retakes will no longer be given

1. recklessness - carelessness

2. peril - danger

3. forlornly - sadly

4. galvanized - startled into sudden activity

5. agog - highly excited by curiosity

6. peevishly - irritably

7. dire - urgent, desperate

8. hectoring - tormenting

9. uncanny - extraordinary

Please encourage students to study a little bit everyday rather than a crazy amount the night before. Remember, we are preparing the students for their future. We want to help form good study habits instead of bad ones.

Flash cards are a great way to study. Students receive a word list every other week which can be cut and turned into flash cards.

On Thursday night a practice test can be done at home so that you know which words they are struggling with.

Science Fair Packet 2019.docx
Science Fair Scoring Rubric: Armenian Mesrobian