Meet The Team

RoboVikings 12764

Each team member works very hard to do their jobs. So please, show each one some love and support. Thank You!

Davion Carter - Captain

Ramon Torres - Co-Captain


The enginers are the builders of this robot. Without them there wouldn't even be a Building(Robot) so the engineers follow steps to build a robot out of scratch and add stuff as we go to make the Robot successful and try to win the First Tech Challenge.


Jesus Paez - Lead

Davion Carter

Cristian Puente

Giovanni Olvera Garces

Malachi Escanuela - Engineer Designer


The Programmers are the people who make the code for the robot. If we're talking about similes the Programmers are the people who make the robot arm and hand close and open or lift up and lower down. But the programmers main weapon/tool Is the computer, the laptop, and the phone. These people are the people we rely on. If we made a model and had to sell it, we would have to make it move without it it's just a plain old statue. And it's only two people, so we respect them.


Leonardo Quiroz - Lead

Ramon Torress


The Marketing team is the team that sets up all the fundraisers and sets the budget so we don't try to buy an entire Walmart or Target.

Marketing and Community Service

Taylor Shindoll - Lead

Edward Silva

The Lawyer

This person is the 'Sneaky Little Person'. He is the sneaky one and the Smart one. This Person reads all the game manuals and tries to find exploits/loop holes to make a strategy that will hopefully make our odd to win higher. He must know all the rules and all the game manuals. He is The Lawyer.


Ramon Torres

Website Designer

The Website Designer, also known as 'Me'. The Website Designer is the person who creates, maintains and monitors the website and social media that is securely connected to Vanston Middle Schools Robotics Team. The Website Designer is the person who made all this text and added all these pictures in the website and the person who is doing those cool Tweets.

Words From Our Website Designer:

"Making The website was fun with adding pictures to making the transparent borders and adding the URL's for you to view."

Website Designer & Social Media

Jerry Linares - Lead