FIRST Tech Challenge

Welcome to the First Tech Challenge (FTC). We are the Vanston robotics team working on FIRST Tech Challenge 2017-2018. We work TOGETHER and communicate in order to set up and win the First Tech Challenge. We will put our best effort and show courtesy and compassion.

This is our practice field where we will try out our robots and our goal is to score as many points as possible without getting any fouls. The field and previous game sets and perimeter were donated by the TechnicBots, FTC Team #8565.


Our mentoring FTC Team 8565 TechnicBots, visited us at our school to answer questions and give tips on our robot linear slide and programming problems. Thanks 8565!!!

Our mentor, Joe Varnell (Lockheed Martin Engineer), is truly awesome! He has helped us to understand the mechanics and engineering design of our robot so that we can make it better. We are a rookie team and need lots of help.

Our neighboring big brother team Equus Engineering North Mesquite FRC 5682 mentored helped with adjusting our Gymph Grabber, programming and business plan.