Real World Project

The Mission of The Hydro Dynamics Season is to conserve water.

People use water every day, but they don’t think much about how and why they use water. Whether it’s directly (drinking or washing) or indirectly (manufacturing the products they use or producing food or energy), humans have a lot of different water needs. The project challenge for the HYDRO DYNAMICS season is to improve the way people find, transport, use, or dispose of water.

Our Solution

We researched a video about how when you put plastic water bottles it dispenses dog food and when you pour water in there it gives the dog water. We decided how can we give fresh water to humans to drink. So how we decided to improve the original design is instead of using plastic water bottles and leftover water we would use grass. We would use grass to extract water for drinking. People use lawn mowers to cut their yard and have a bag that collects the grass. You then put your grass in the Water Be-Bop. When you put your grass in the machine it will produce water, and how it can produce water is by squeezing the grass to extract the water, but obviously it’s not going to be fresh right away. So the dirty water goes through a filtration process to clean the water. When the water is done filtering you can dispense the fresh water into a cup or bottle.

Water BE-BOP Presentation
Water Be-Bop Research