Meet The Team

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This is where you can learn each specific job on our FIRST team, what they do, and how they do it. Throughout this page, you will learn the positions that each of our members have earned to better the team (from constantly asking questions, to questioning those questions, and then answering that question).

Jacqueline Frausto - Captain

Hiram Rodgers - Co-Captain


The engineer's job is simple, yet complex, and vital to the team, for he has to design and create the robot. In the beginning, the group of engineers gather round to create the base robot with no attachments. As you see, the engineers are using strategies to solve the missions on the field. The attachments and sensors are added last.


Jose Rangel - Lead

Robert Anaya - Engineer Designer

Noel Gamon


A programmer has a main job and sub-jobs that complement that job. The main job programmers face is programming the robot. A programmer have to program the robot for a specific set of jobs. If they make one mistake, they could send the robot to completely different direction.


Hiram Cruz - Lead

Brodie Giffin


The project group have an important job. They have to create and research the project idea. For example, if they had to do a project on recycling, they would brainstorm with the whole team, choose a solution, and then research more and more until they find a aspect of recycling that fits their solution. They are currently using this format to complete their latest challenge: The Hydraulics Challenge.

Project and Marketing Team

Gabrielle Samano - Lead Project

Debineek Jenkins - Lead Marketing andCommunity Service

Jacqueline Frausto

Website Designer

Oh, you're onto me! Ok, well I suppose that I help to create the website format, update the current news and times for your viewing pleasure, and inform the viewer about specific aspects of our progress towards completion. I actively try to update, improve, and repeat until satisfied. I always try my best, except when I'm not, but those are rare.

Website Designer & Social Media

Ean Rodgers - Lead

Hi there :-)