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Book the library! Email the librarian at bmangalath@mesquiteisd.org or schedule a day using Google Calendar.

Resources for Teachers

Access all digital resources through the online portal. Click on the image to the right to access.

Find videos on a wide variety of topics covering all subject areas including financial literacy, current events, science, history, language arts, and more. Look at the special collections created by NBC learn for videos especially developed for students.

  • Search for videos by TEKS.
  • Create your own playlists, snip videos to only show the parts you want students to see.
  • Download videos to avoid problems that arise with connection issues or for subs to use.
  • Share videos to Google Classroom.

Access instructional videos to use to enrich and extend student learning. Interactive lessons are also available for teachers to access and assign to students.

Find resources to use with novels including author interviews, book trailers, lesson plans, and more. Teachers can also find book lists, readers theater scripts, literacy connections, and create personalized book lists.

Access digital Professional books from ASCD and ISTE to support your own professional growth & learning.

Access and search academic and professional journals in the field of Education. Find the research you need as a teacher.

Get rights-free images including pictures and clipart you can use in any school project.

Get rights-free sounds including sound effects and background music you can use in any school project