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Library Happenings

Ms. Petty stopped by to teach our 6th graders how to code Spheros. Stop by and check out our MakerSpace Center if you would like to learn how to do cool stuff on your own or with a friend!

Book Review

Compass South written by Hope Larson is an awesome historical graphic novel full of adventure. Alex and Cleo, 12 year old twins go hunting for their missing father in 1860 New York. Trouble, mystery, and danger haunt their footsteps as they are chased by pirates and race to find lost treasure and their father!

Funnily Enough

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"Brain Food: Young Book Lovers Grow Brain Tissue As They Read"

The act of reading books has benefits that last long after the final page of childhood.

To build muscle or endurance, you lift weights, run, bike. You exercise. There's a way to bulk up your brain strength, too: Books. Reading is like doing burpees for your brain. Especially if you start young.