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Library Happenings

We finished orienting all of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade library patrons few weeks of school. Everyone got a chance to explore all the great things the library has to offer and checked out their first books of the new year! Make sure you come check us out in October since Teen Read Week is October 8th- October 12th . Tune in to the afternoon announcements to find out about the fun events and activities we have planned. You can also follow us on the Terry Library Instagram @terrylibrary for updates and to find out more about all the amazing stuff the library has to offer!

Book of the Month

This month one of my favorite reads was the Lone Star Nominee Refugee by Alan Gratz. I have been meaning to get to this book for ages and I am glad I finally got a chance to listen to the audio book. Refugee follows the story lines of three different children seeking asylum from the countries of their birth. Josef, a Jewish German escapes Nazi Germany in 1930, Isabel, a Cuban girl, flees Castro’s Cuba in 1994, and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy flees his war torn country in 2015. All three stories are told realistically and will pull at your heart strings while giving you plenty of food for thought. I highly recommend this title as a must not miss!

Funnily Enough...

Wanna read something funny? Come check out our genrefied Fiction collection to find the perfect way to tickle your funny bone ;)

Tech Tip

Check out this 6 minute Digital Library Tutorial I created using screencastify. You'll learn how to access MISD's Digital Library, find awesome reads and checkout 24/7!

Screencastify is a nifty Chrome extension you can use to create videos while showing your screen to your viewer! Let me know if you want to find out more or how it works!