Rutherford LEAD Center

Design Thinking Emphasis


Divergent thinking is a thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring possible solutions. It occurs in a spontaneous, free flowing manner so that many ideas can be generated - provoking thought and discussion.

Here's the Step by Step Lesson Plan

Here's the Slide Deck for time in class

*Tip* Reuse this lesson and process over and over, but change out the materials students get. What if you included items like face printouts of historical people, science gadgets, or other manipulatives?

Divergent Thinking Challenge- What would you make with this%3F.mp4

Pear Deck Lesson Ideas


*Implement a Pear Deck Slide*

First Grade

*Implement a Pear Deck Slide*

Second Grade

*Implement a Pear Deck Slide*