Prove You're a Rockstar


Welcome to Prove You're a Rockstar! Here, you will build an online presence using Google Sites to showcase your skills, abilities, and achievements as an educator. Whether your purpose is T-TESS documentation or branding yourself, a professional portfolio highlights the unique talents you bring to education. You will leave the course with a working digital portfolio that will expand as you learn and grow.

Your facilitators for this course are Tai Preuninger and Nicole Payne.

Getting Started

Create a Google Site with the following pages:

  • Home
  • About Me
  • Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Blog

You must also include the 6 other corresponding subpages.

How to Navigate this Course

On each page in the above menu navigation you will find information about what items should be on each page, examples or video tutorials. As you work through setting up your site, use our pages as a guide to create yours.

How to Receive Credit

Click here to make a copy of the feedback document, then SHARE it with and This will serve as the communication between yourself and the course facilitators. Tai or Nicole will offer feedback on each section you have completed. If you want ongoing feedback, you may want to tag us in a comment on your document as you complete portions so that we know to check out those sections on your site!