2nd Grade

October 2, 2017

20 stations were set up in the library. Stations included Keva Structures, Keva Contraptions, K'NEX Levers and Pulleys, Kid K'NEX, Magnetic Building Sets, Straws Connectors, number lines with Bee-Bots, story sequencing with Bee-Bots, and spelling words with Bee-Bots. 5th grade students joined their 2nd grade reading buddies to help them complete the activities.

Two students building with Magnetic Building Set.

Magnetic Building Set

Two students building a tower with Keva Planks.

Keva Planks Structures Set

Two students building with K'NEX.


Two students spelling words with a Bee-Bot.

Bee-Bot Robot and Spelling Words

Two students building with K'NEX.

K'NEX Levers and Pulleys

Two students sequencing a story using a Bee-Bot.

Story Sequencing with a Bee-Bot

Students building with Straws Connectors

Straws Connectors

Two students with a Bee-Bot and number line.

Bee-Bot and Number Line

Two girls building with Keva Contraptions.

Keva Contraptions