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Leadership through Education: Caring, Challenging, Inspiring


* Recognising the value of each individual and his/her relationship with others.

* Promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship in a multicultural context, reflecting the best of Arab,Western and other world cultures.

* Providing a supportive, inspiring environment which encourages learners to aim high and achieve their aspirations.

* Preating opportunities for all to develop confidence, responsibility and integrity.

Welcome to our annual Art and Design and Technology exhibition. This academic year our exhibition takes a different format; a virtual exhibition which showcases our students' work. The theme for this year's exhibition is 'Connected'. Throughout this global pandemic that our students, teachers, and families have found ourselves in, being connected is more important than ever. We hope you enjoy looking through our students' work with admiration at what they have accomplished this academic year.

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A message from our School Director, Nicola Singleton.

Mohamed AttiaBen MyersKaren ElliotFarah HegazyMalak El Masry Nour Jaouda Lucy PrimePeter Godfrey Lamia AfifiCaroline ClarkeCath Barnes Cath BarnesTawfik Dajani Careen Babili

A special thanks to all the teachers who have been involved with the exhibition and have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students' work is showcased.

  • Colleen Comerford - Teacher of Art (American Section)

  • Glyn Puddefoot - Teacher of Design and Technology and Computing (British Section)

  • Greg Thomas - HoD Expressive Arts (British Section)

  • Hamdi Ghailan - Teacher of Computing and Computer Science (British Section)

  • Joey Harper - Website Manager and Designer - HoD Expressive Arts (American Section)

  • Lamia Afifi - Teacher of Art (American Section)

  • Loretta Lee - Teacher of Art (British Section)

  • Maggie Kessel- Teacher of Art (American Section)

  • Ray Williams - Teacher of Art (Primary)

  • Ruth Seabrook - Teacher of Art (British and IB Sections)

  • Shereen Taha - Website Manager and Designer - HoD Technology (British and American Sections)

  • Taher Naggar - Teacher of Technologies' and website support (American Section)

  • Yaqoob AlKaabi - Website Creator, Teacher of Computing and Computer Science (British Section)