Maicon Jean de Oliveira, Faurecia Automotive

Alex Herbert, Kepware

When Technology Enables Collaboration: An IoT Case Study with Faurecia


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Maicon Jean de Oliveira, IT Industrial Support Manager, Faurecia Automotive

Maicon Oliveira is the IT Industrial Support Manager at Faurecia North America. Maicon has over 8 years IT experience, and leads more than 20 projects implemented around the world (Americas, Europe and Asia). His main expertise is in software development and MES Project deployments. Today, Maicon leads and manages a team of technical and application support personnel charged with delivering Faurecia’s proprietary MES IJCore Application, Level 2 Support and Regional Development. He is a technology lover and innovation enthusiast, using IoT to change the development cycle management as well the industry culture, bringing simplicity and reliability.

Alex Herbert, Strategic Accounts Manager, Kepware

Alex Herbert is the Strategic Accounts Manager at Kepware. Alex brings six years of strategic sales experience to his position on Kepware’s sales team and is currently focused on supporting customers implementing solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). He applies a consultative approach to sales to fully understanding his customers’ global initiatives and requirements. Alex is passionate about technology and learning how large organizations perceive the IIoT and the implications it will have on their businesses. He enjoys sharing ideas and working with customers across a variety of industry verticals to find innovative solutions for their challenges.


We’re at a tipping point with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A recent report from LNS Research shows that 34% of companies are either currently adopting or planning to adopt IIoT technology in the next year. Although adoption of IIoT technology is still in its early stages, organizations that are utilizing IoT processes are maximizing efficiencies and making smarter decisions across their organizations.

In this session, Kepware Strategic Account Manager Alex Herbert and Faurecia North American Industrial Support Manager Maicon Jean de Oliveira will discuss the benefits of introducing IT protocols like REST/HTTP to the plant floor to foster collaboration between IT and operations and enable smarter, more nimble decision making. Oliveira will share details of Faurecia’s transparency pilot program initiative to improve parts traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process and satisfy the company’s major automotive customers. The speakers will discuss best practices for selecting and implementing an IoT connectivity platform capable of connecting industrial data with enterprise systems. Finally, Oliveira will share Faurecia’s journey of scaling the transparency pilot program from one factory in Porto Real, Brazil, to the company’s worldwide factories operating in more than 30 countries.