Ken Marapese

Rockwell Automation

Journey Toward a Connected Digital Manufacturing Enterprise


Ken Marapese, Manager, MES & Security, Rockwell Automation

Ken Marapese has been with Rockwell Automation for 18 years. Over the last 10 years, Ken has been involved in the RA Connected Enterprise journey, responsible for the implementation of the technologies that support the RA vision in 14 manufacturing plants globally.


Existing and rapidly evolving technologies are transforming industry through the creation of an environment that affords real-time visibility into production status and the efficacious management of global operations. Profound insight into operator usage patterns, materials and equipment enables enriched performance and better efficiency. The information is readily available; companies with strategies to harvest it are equipped to become more productive and globally competitive.

In this session, examine the challenges of implementing a Connected Enterprise for a high-mix manufacturer and explore each step in operationalizing the rollout of plants and systems. Dissect the impact of the Internet of Things on the manufacturing industry and learn about available solutions that can aid in driving increased profitability and improved enterprisewide results, often illustrated through the experience of Rockwell Automation in its journey to achieve its own Connected Enterprise.