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Register as a MESA Attendee at the IndustryWeek M&T Conference - get access to both events!

MESA attendees get a discounted rate off IndustryWeek's Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo Individual Conference Pass fees. The IndustryWeek Conference Pass gives you full access to all MESA sessions and activities.

How to Register as a MESA Attendee

All registrations and payments are made via the IndustryWeek M&T Conference & Expo registration site. Your registration gives you access to all MESA sessions and IndustryWeek sessions as outlined.

  • Click here to register.
  • Select "Individual Conference Pass" if registering 1-4 attendees or "Group Conference Pass" if registering 5 or more attendees.
  • Enter your email address and ID Code: "MESAASSOC".
  • Enter the rest of the information, as requested through the website.