Flex Days

Flex Days are the days when we work as a whole class instead of small groups. The Classwork and quizzes we do on Flex Days are Graded.

Classwork Assignment 1: You will have up to 10 Internet Safety Assignments. They consist of a 2-3 minute movie and 5-6 questions to answer about the movie. Each assignment is worth 10 points.

1. Trusted Adults Can Help You

2. The Terrible Text

3. Distracted Driving

4. Post 2B Private

5. Mobile Locations

6. Profile Penalty

7.Friend or Fake

8. Attitude Overdrive

9. Cyberbullying

10. Cyberbullying (Brainpop)

Classwork Assignment 2: Typing Pal Online: https://merspbsn.typingpal.com/

This is a subscription website, so you have to use the link above and put in the signup code the first time you use it.

Typing Pal Online (TPO) has 8 steps of typing practice.

Each Flex Day you will be responsible for another step until you finish all 8. However, you can move ahead and finish it as quickly as you like.

Classwork Assignment 3/Quizzes: You will be responsible for learning the vocabulary words for each station. There are 5 vocabulary words for each of the six station. When you end the station, you will be quizzed on those 5 words. You will have a final Makerspace Vocabulary Test at the end of the quarter.

*Makerspace Vocabulary/Study Guide