What is Scholastic? Scholastic is a wonderful resource that all families should take advantage of! Scholastic offers a large variety of books at all different levels for an affordable price. Not only are you helping to create a reading habit that will benefit your child throughout life, but you're also helping our class earn free books and bonus points that can be redeemed for educational materials, supplies, and more.

What books should I order? Any book that your child shows interest in is a great purchase! Children are more motivated to learn how to read when they are interested in the topic or story. You can also purchase leveled readers for your child to read independently. Below are the reading levels for Kindergarten:

  • Beginning of Kindergarten Expectation: DRA Level A-1
  • Middle of Kindergarten Expectation: DRA Level 2-3
  • End of Kindergarten Expectation: DRA Level 3-4

Ordering books: We will be sending home a Scholastic catalog each month in your child's folder. You can send back the slip with your book order and cash or check (made out to Scholastic). You may also order online using our class code:


Class Activation Code: NJNXM