G.Y.M. "Shorts"

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CLASS NEWS (updated 12/14/18 @4:00 pm)

NEW: "Below Expectations" Google form . . . . Students that do NOT meet ALL Physical Education expectations during a class period will NOT receive full credit (10 pts.) for that day's class period "assignment".

  • A "Below Expectations" notification (Google form) will be emailed to students that do NOT meet expectations during the class period for Preparation, Warm up, Participation, and/or Sportsmanship (conduct) .
  • The points earned for that day's assignment grade will be LESS than 10 points, depending on the number of expectations that were not achieved. (Refer to the "Daily 10 in P.E." grading rubric if necessary)
  • The form MUST be completed and submitted back to Mr. Greitz prior to the next class meeting.

Please note the schedule for the week below . . .

During the 2nd marking period, students are expected to be checking into our Google Classroom on a regular basis (each class meeting day). News and information regarding class activities will be posted and shared. In addition to class information, there will be "quizzes" posted that students will be required to submit responses to for credit.

Remember, on all activity days, a change of clothes is required in order to be marked PREPARED and PARTICIPATE in class activities. Students have the opportunity during each activity period to earn a total of 10 points for achieving the designated target behaviors for EACH of the following criteria:

    • PREPARATION (3 points)
    • WARM UP (1 point)
    • PARTICIPATION (4 points)
    • SPORTSMANSHIP (2 points)

The specific target behaviors for each of the criteria above is available to view on the "Grading Rubrics" tab at the top of the page.

In order to be "excused" from Physical Education activity, students must arrive to class with written documentation from a doctor, or our school nurse. A written note from a parent/guardian will only be permitted, as "excused" for ONE class period.

Quote of the Week:

"The way to succeed in anything is to give it EVERYTHING!"

WHAT'S GOING ON (12/17 - 12/21)

Monday, 12/17 (Day E) - 7th Grade Physical Education

    • Activity: Basketball
    • Location: Auxiliary gym

Tuesday, 12/18 (Day F) - 8th Grade Physical Education

    • Activity: Basketball
    • Location: Auxiliary gym

Wednesday, 12/19 (Day A) - 7th Grade Physical Education

    • Activity: Basketball
    • Location: Auxiliary gym

Thursday, 12/20 (Day B) - 8th Grade Physical Education

    • Activity: Keep Your Yard Clean!
    • Location: Auxiliary gym

Friday, 12/21 (Day C) - 7th Grade Physical Education

    • 4 hour school day / Sneakers are required for preparation
    • Activity: Keep Your Yard Clean!
    • Location: TBD