Welcome to the Merritt Junior High Resource page. This page was created to help navigate everything for new junior high students and parents.

Your student's work on google classroom.

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Clicking the picture below will take you to the Merritt website home page where you can find resources, schedules, etc.

Click the link below to go to the Merritt Public schools handbook. Please note the differences from middle school to JH/HS.

When accessing the grade portal below, parents and students will both use the student's google login as their sign in.

Click on an app image below to be taken to a short how to video about the app.

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Staff and teachers

Sarah Peffer

Email: peffers@merritt.k12.ok.us


Merritt High School: @9d8gke

Media Production- a388kf

Class Code:

Media production: iyx3clz

Don Bradshaw

Email: bradshawd@merritt.k12.ok.us


2nd hr Hist- caborv7

3rd hr History- h63gh38

6th hr Geog- 2ka88e

Google Classroom:

2nd US History- ysrgji7

3rd US History- kzll46i

7th hour Geography- 12xzkE5

Joanie Dusek

Phone: 580-225-5460

Jaime Partain

Email: partainj@merritt.k12.ok.us

Brandi Pruitt

Phone: 580-225-5460

Sarah Partain

Email: partains@merritt.k12.ok.us

Keshawn Smith (Not pictured)

Email: smithk@merritt.k12.ok.us

Mrs. Brady

Email: bradyk@merritt.k12.ok.us


1st Hr JH Art - @2eahcc

Google Classroom:

JH Art - gzjfk5r

Lyndsay Broadbent

Email: broadbentl@merritt.k12.ok.us

Remind: @b3g27a6

Google Classroom:

Digital Media - dty3pww

Taler Broadbent

Email: broadbentt@merritt.k12.ok.us

Remind: @k283kd

Google Classroom:

Bell Ringer 2021: efc3n3p

Math 2021 2nd Hour: dzr4del

Math 2021 3rd Hour: m7ahqvu

Math 2021 4th Hour: pkq7gl

Leadership: See teacher for correct code.

Bonnie Gordon

Email: gordonb@merritt.k12.ok.us


2nd&5th: 8bc3bd

3rd&6th: gordonela3

4th&7th: gordonela4

Speech A: gordonspe

Speech B: gordonspee

Speech C: kace6kg

Google Classroom:

2nd ELA: kwi5x4

3rd: ta6orji

4th: qfspcld

5th: 27efic2

6th: hgczg6u

7th: 3yprrjb

Speech 8A: ktjxlr6

Speech 8B: qkbrecn

Speech 8C: 2zevwf2

Mrs. Henderson

Email: hendersonr@merritt.k12.ok.us


2nd/5th PA: @2a8848

3th/6th PA: @pa3rdmhs

4th/7th PA: @pa4thmhs

8th: @8c7b8k6

Google Classroom:

2nd/5th PA: 23r5uqq

3rd/6th PA: u7hfd56

4th/7th PA: vg54wva

8th Keyboarding: hbhupkp

Toni Richardson

Email: richardsont@merritt.k12.ok.us

Stacie Skelton

Email: skeltons@merritt.k12.ok.us

Remind: @dkd3ck

Google Classroom:

2nd hour- 44vymx4

3rd hour- ww5xz4r

4th hour- 6uchu2a

5th hour- wpheqcc

6th hour- umna4zy

7th hour- bl7qwu3

8th hour- See teacher for code

Angie Smith

Adrianna Tibbetts

Email: tibbettsa@merritt.k12.ok.us

Tina Wing

Email: wingt@merritt.k12.ok.us


7th Science: gckhf28

7th Science: 86c633

8th Science: 94bfg9c

8th science: bgec7fb

7th Science: kcccab3

Google Classroom:

7th Science: nfop3gf

7th Science: oqhqnrr

7th Science: 4p2iznt

8th Science: jxubmpv

8th Science: a46nsxd

7th Science: 6xjpcbf

Leadership: 101 u34bic, 102 6xfzu4z, 103 ibmkhie


Junior High Coaches

Coach Abbe

Junior high, elementary, and high school girls basketball, cross country, and softball

Mrs. Barnett

Junior high and high school trap shooting

Coach Daugherty

High school girls basketball

Coach Givens

JH and HS softball and elementary boys basketball

Coach Hixon

JH and HS football, girls basketball, track

Coach Smith

JH and HS baseball, boys basketball, fast pitch softball.

Coach Laub

Athletic director: laubo@merrittschool.com

JH and HS boys basketball and baseball.

Coach Richardson

JH and HS football and powerlifting.

Coach Stehr

JH and HS football and JH and HS golf.


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