Mercy's Groovy Smoothie

A Student Run Junior High Business

Our Mission:

To teach young citizens about the importance of eating healthy.

To provide students, teachers, parents and visitors of Mercy Montessori a healthy treat during the day.

To offer the Junior High a real experience of running a business.

To advance our schools recycling and compost programs.

Our Smoothies:

  • Green Machine
  • Mint Madness
  • Orange Cranberry
  • Very Berry

Seasonal Spring Smoothies Coming Soon!


  • Orders are taken by Groovy Smoothie employees on Monday and Tuesday of each week between 8:10-8:35am in the parlor. Students can bring their smoothie money and order from our shop team.
          • $3 for a 12 oz. smoothie
          • $1 for a 4 oz. smoothie (preschool and kindergarten only)
  • On weeks where there is no school on Monday due to a holiday, orders will be taken on the Friday before.
  • Ordering will close for the week on Tuesday at 12:00noon.
  • Smoothies will be served each Thursday.

We strongly encourage the face-to-face ordering so students can practice their conversational, customer service, and exchange of money skills. In the case that you miss the face-to-face ordering, order online here.

Behind the Scenes

Our student-run businesses use the help of every junior high student. Together we are a team and we want to acknowledge all the junior high businesses here.

Our Shop Team

Our shop team runs the Groovy Smoothie. They make, prepare, and sell all the smoothies that are sold in the shop. All the members of the shop team are certified food handlers in the state of Ohio. Mercy's Groovy Smoothie would not exist without our shop team!

Our Bee Team

Our bee team cares for our two hives located on campus. They were taught how to handle bees at Spring Grove Apiary and have built our very own bee boxes. A portion of the honey that comes from our bees goes into the smoothies and also goes into our tea.

Our Tea Team

Our tea team is our second business. Tea is served every Tea Tuesday! They grow their own herbs in our farmessori and also use organic tea that is donated to them.

Our Chicken Team

Our chicken team is preparing for our chickens that will be coming to Mercy this spring. They have been hard at work choosing breeds, building an incubator, designing a coop, and researching how to care for our new hens.


"Mercy's new smoothies are becoming a habit! They are delicious! Mercy is getting green and healthy at the same time. I highly recommend making the Groovy Smoothie a weekly habit, too. Five stars!" -Noreen Sullivan (6-9 teacher)

"Their smoothies are way better than Panera." -Laura, A Mercy Grandparent