Certified Meraki Networking Associate

CMNA 101

By developing competence in the configuration and positioning of our full product portfolio, we aim to evangelize Sales Engineers to share the power of Meraki with more customers.


In our presentations, we cover:

  • Meraki's cloud architecture + positioning
  • Full product portfolio
  • Scenario-based demos


Our 1-day, in-person training includes hands-on labs and real-world scenarios, where attendees learn to deploy next-generation cloud networks for SMB, campus, and enterprise.


Cisco or eligible Partner Pre-Sales Engineers who are involved in recommending and designing solutions for customers.


No cost associated with attending CMNA training. We are not able to provide reimbursement for travel and accommodations.

Interested in the schedule for the day? See the agenda here.


Company Requirements

Individual Requirements


Don't see a city in your region?

Contact your Meraki rep to request a session in a city near you. Not sure who your rep is? Check out the Find my Rep tool on your Meraki portal.

Registrations open the 1st Tuesday of each month for sessions in the following month!

We will not be holding sessions in December 2018, apart from in China and Japan.


Download registration instructions and invite flyers below!

Promotional Equipment*

*The CMNA promotional equipment is limited to those participants located in the US, Canada, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore who are a registered importer in the ship-to-country. Partner engineers who have already received a Meraki full stack via another promotion are not eligible for CMNA promotional gear. Cisco SEs attending CMNA for the first time are eligible for the CMNA promotional equipment, regardless of whether they have previously received a Meraki full stack.

Eligible engineers that attend will receive a free stack of promo equipment and licensing. This includes: