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What did we do in History class?

If you missed part of the 60's movie over the past two weeks make sure you set a time to come in and see it. You will have an assignment later this week over it.

Here you will find the exam study guide. Make sure you use the Quizlet to help you complete it- then STUDY IT!!!

Page #1 due 5/15

Page #2 due 5/15

Page #3 due 5/18

Page #4 due 5/22

Second Semester Exam Study Guide 2017

Monday 5/1

1. Show Mrs. Frei your 21.3 guided reading.

2. Watch the videos on the right.

HW- Complete the 21.3 progress check

Friday 4/28

1. We finished discussing 21.2

2. Make sure the following is complete by the end of the day today:

    • 21.1 guided reading
    • 21.1 progress check
    • 21.2 guided reading
    • 21.2 progress check

Civil Rights Test on Wednesday

Thursday 4/27

1. We finished discussion 21.2.

2. Make sure you show your completed 21.2 guided reading to Mrs. Frei.

3. Watch the video clips.

Wednesday 4/26

1. We played Quizlet live over 21.1 and 21.2.

Monday 4/24

1. We started our Civil Rights unit. We started the 21.1 Guided reading together. Finish the rest for homework. Make sure you read 21.1.

2. View the video clips to help.

Thursday 4/20 & Friday 4/21

1. We worked on completing the outline and getting started on the JFK essay which is due on Wednesday 4/26.

Wednesday 4/19

1. Review this last clip on the JFK assassination. Take notes

2. Review your notes and think about what you believe happened in the JFK assassination. Start filling out the outline for your writing assignment.

Tuesday 4/18

1. Watch the JFK courtroom scene clips.

2. Take notes and start to put together what you believe happened in the JFK assassination.

4/10 - 4/12

1. Watch the Peter Jennings: Beyond Conspiracy video on the JFK assassination and take notes on the assassination. You need facts to support your theory of the assassination in a writing assignment next week.

Include the significance of the following:

Parkland Hospital

Dallas- Love Field

Zappruter Film

Governor John Connelly

Lee Harvey Oswald

Book Depository Building

Officer J.D. Tippett

Jack Ruby

Warren Commission


We have been reviewing for the AIR tests. There are no new assignments.

Tuesday 3/28

Happy Birthday Ms. Robishaw!!!

1. Show the 20.1 Guided Reading to Mrs. Frei or Ms. Robishaw.

2. We played a quick round of Scattergories over the information from the reading and homework last night.

3. We discussed the homework.

Homework: Complete the 20.1 Progress Check

Monday 3/27

1. Watch the Kennedy miniseries video clip on the Cuban missile crisis. Continue to take notes under your Bay of Pigs notes from Friday.

Homework: Read 20.1 and Complete the 20.1 guided reading.

Friday 3/24

1. Watch the video from the miniseries The Kennedy's. Take notes on the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and Kennedy's strategy in dealing with this cold war situation.

Thursday 3/23

1. We discussed the 1950's prosperity and hardships chart. We then played a Kahoot Jumble that reviewed the concepts from the chart and the 19.2 and 19.4 reading.

Wednesday 3/22

1. Make a T-chart on a piece of paper. Label it The 1950's. In the left hand column label it Prosperity and the right-hand column Hardships.

2. Using all of your readings, 19.2 and 19.4 homework, videos from class write down as many examples of prosperity in the 1950's and hardships in the 1950's.

Homework: Complete the 19.4 Progress Check

Tuesday 3/21


Monday 3/20

1. We played a Kahoot to review some of the concepts we learned about The American Dream in the 1950's.

Homework: Complete the 19.2 and 19.4 Guided Reading for Wednesday


Wednesday 3/8

1. We reviewed the 18.3 chart and answered any questions.

2. We started watching the 1950's episode "Let's Play House".

3. As you watch the video answer the questions on the video sheet.

Tuesday 3/7

1. We played Stump the Teacher with the 5 questions that you created from the 18.3 reading.

2. Turn in your 5 questions.

Homework: The 18.3 Progress Check is due Thursday

Monday 3/6

1. Review the 18.2 Guided Reading. Any questions about the Korean War?

2. The Cold War on the Homefront!!! Preview the homefront material by watching the three videos on the right.

3. Tomorrow we will play Stump the Teacher. Read 18.3 and write down 5 questions INCLUDING THE ANSWERS that you can ask to TRY to stump the teacher.

Homework: Read 18.3 and write 5 questions and answers.

Friday 3/3

1. We discussed the end of the Korean War. Make sure to review the Korean War notes in Schoology.

2. As a review, complete the 18.2 Guided Reading.

3. The grading period ends Friday 3/10. Get that late work in!!!!

Thursday 3/2

1. We watched the video and added some notes to our timeline. At the end of class we compiled a list of questions students had about the video. We can answer these discussions tomorrow. Make sure you watch the video.

Homework- 18.2 progress check due tomorrow.

Tuesday 2/28

1. Show your Berlin Airlift handout to Mrs. Frei or Ms. Robishaw.

2. As a class we discussed the Berlin Airlift options. See the Berlin Airlift Notes.

3. Read 18.2. Create a timeline of China's turn to communism and the Korean war on a separate piece of paper. In your time line include important events and all that are including the US involvement.

Homework: Timeline due Wed 3/1 and 18.1 progress check due at the end of the day Wednesday.

Monday 2/27

1. Go to Schoology > Cold War folder > Objective #1 > Warm-up Questions > answer the 2/27 warm up question.

2. Reviewed reasons for U.S. and Soviet distrust.

3. Read through the Berlin Airlift scenario. Complete the back- giving two pros and two cons for each option.

Homework: Berlin Handout option due tomorrow 2/28.

Wednesday 2/22

1. View the video clip about the origins of the Cold War.

2. Choose 2 terms from the vocabulary list below and create two flash cards on Quizlet. Make sure you add it to your history class.

3. Read 18.1

Joseph Stalin Harry Truman Winston Churchill iron curtain

satellite nations communism Marshall Plan Truman Doctrine

capitalism Potsdam Conference

Tuesday 2/21

1. World War II Quiz. Make sure you turn in your Homefront summary.

Friday 2/17

1. Reviewed for the quiz on Tuesday.

Tuesday 2/14

1. Watch the video clip on Pearl Harbor

2. Discuss: What steps led the U.S. into WWII?


Monday 2/13

1. Show your 16.4 guided reading and You Be the Jury to Mrs. Frei or Ms. Robishaw.

2. We discussed the Band of Brothers clip.

3. Discussion: 16.4- How did the U.S. get dragged into war?

Homework: Complete the 16.4 Progress Check

Friday 2/10

1. 16.2 Progress check due.

2. We finished discussing 16.2 guided reading.

3. Check your 16.2 guided reading with my 16.2 notes.

3. We watched a video clip from Band of Brothers. Complete the video questions as you watch.

Homework: 16.4 guided reading and You Be the Jury

Thursday 2/9

1. We played a few rounds of Quizlet live to review 16.1 and 16.2.

2. We discussed 16.2 Guided reading.

3. Show your 16.2 guided reading and vocab to Mrs. Frei or Ms. Robishaw.

Homework: 16.2 Progress check

Wednesday 2/8

1. We discussed the vocabulary concept circles and shared examples.

2. Enter your #2 Vocabulary circle in the 16.1 Vocabulary Practice at the bottom of the 16.1 folder.

Homework: 16.2 guided reading and story map

Tuesday 2/7

1. Complete warm-up question.

2. Check your 16.1 guided reading with the 16.1 Notes.

3. Watch the video clip "Ductators" and compare to the 16.1 reading.

Homework: 16.1 Progress Check.

Monday 2/6

1. Complete warm-up question. Discuss.

2. Play European countries kahoot.

3. Complete European countries map.

Homework: 16.1 Guided Reading and vocabulary activity.

Friday 2/3

1. We viewed a documentary on Unit 731.

2. As you watch the video, take notes on anything you learn, find interesting.

Focus question: Why won't you see anything about this in our textbook?