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Below are videos of Jonathan's Honors Choir performance! It is amazing. I will be adding more.

Hello! I am Mr. Eash, and this is the Memphis Band and Choir web page.

I am a teacher, a musician, a student, a father, and a lover of education. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and experience the love of learning as individuals and as a team! Memphis is where I teach, and Memphis is where I live. It takes a community to raise a generation, but it takes a generation to change the world! This community is a small but mighty community, and it's time to remember that. I am sold out believing that our youth hold the wisdom, knowledge, and heart for the upcoming age and want nothing more than to see them grow as students, musicians, and people.

This is what the students see every day as objectives for the week. Hopefully it will help you as well know what is coming up and what I am communicating to them !

My Video.mp4