Math Summer Work

As we head into the spring months, it is time to start thinking about student summer work in Mathematics! It is important for all students to review math concepts and processes during the summer, and we have the expectation that summer assignments are given in all Math courses. Intentional practice of math skills will help students reach mastery of content and support their retention of foundational math concepts. Our summer work provides an opportunity for students to strengthen or deepen their content knowledge and ensure that they have the prerequisite skills to be successful in their future math classes. Time spent working on mastery, reinforcement, and enrichment will greatly benefit all students.

Expectations: All assignments must begin after the close of school in June and are due the day after Labor Day. We chose one due date for all math assignments to make it easier for students, parents, and teachers. Most summer work is graded as an effort grade with slight variations between grades and courses. Our only exceptions may be with our AP Course offerings at MHS, that may be in the form of a quiz in the month of September assessing the prerequisite skills from the summer work. This ensures that students are prepared to handle the rigors of our higher level courses.

Where to find the work: All Middle School Math summer assignments will be posted to the MVMMS webpage and all HS Math summer assignments will be posted to the MHS webpage. Please note, many of our courses utilize IXL for summer work. IXL has specific codes for skill areas, which may change from time to time. If you notice that the code and skill are not aligned, please be sure to work on the skill area. Links to the specific summer work may also be posted below: