Summer Reading

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School


Summer months offer a wonderful opportunity for students, staff, parents, guardians, and community members to share a common reading and listening experience, expand their understanding of the world, and improve reading and writing skills. Studies confirm that students who read during vacation are able to maintain their skill level and build on their knowledge of vocabulary and composition.

We expect students to complete reading and listening at each grade and level of study and have selected a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts and TED Talks that are informative, challenging, and insightful.

Books can be read independently or with a partner during the summer. Partners for reading out loud can be parents, guardians, siblings, friends, or other interested caregivers. We recommend reading an average of 30 minutes every day.

Select the grade level you will be entering to view all requirements, book and video lists, and note-taking guidelines.

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