MVMMS Guidance Department

Welcome to the Guidance Department at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School (MVMMS)

There are three guidance counselors at MVMMS--one per grade. The guidance counselor follows each grade throughout their tenure at the middle school. This allows guidance counselors to become familiar with students over the full three years, and assists with the consistent delivery of student services.

What is the role of a middle school guidance counselor?

The Guidance Department at MVMMS is focused on the social, emotional and academic development of all of our students. Early adolescence is a unique stage of development. The middle school years can be particularly confusing for students and families. It's been reported that the middle school age student goes through more changes physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially than he/she has experienced since age two. Middle school students experience rapid physical and intellectual growth, as well as the development of various new social relationships.

Middle school counselors are professional educators who have specific mental health training. We work with students, families, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies--basically everyone! MVMMS counselors are an integral part of each team. We work closely with teachers at each grade level in order to help develop the best way to support each student.

Here are some specific ways we support students:

  • short-term situational individual and group counseling as needed
  • monitors student progress
  • scheduling assistance
  • mediate in areas of conflict resolution between peers
  • provide referrals to appropriate outside agencies
  • chair IST meetings
  • oversee students' 504 plans
  • participate in the MVMMS crisis team
  • support positive parent-teacher-student communication

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