Melrose Public Schools

Competency Based Education

Personalized learning results from decisions about teaching and learning based on a framework of social emotional learning, clear learning progressions and expectations for competency, and principles of universal design for learning.

These foundational concepts come to life through the student centered approaches teachers choose and the flexibility of the learning environment that promote student agency and engagement.

Student Centered Learning

Selecting and using instructional methods and assessment practices that give students choice and ownership for their learning builds agency and investment.

Student Learning Progressions

Defining clear outcomes and describing what progress and competency looks like fosters alignment, focus and shared ownership of learning while promoting equitable outcomes.

Social Emotional Learning

The skills and knowledge to manage emotions, set and work toward goals, establish and maintain relationships, and work productively with others serve as a foundation for success in life.

Universal Design for Learning

A framework for optimizing teaching and learning providing for varied means of engagement, representation and expression aligned with the science of how we learn.

Flexible Learning Environment

Designing learning environments that are flexible and can accommodate the needs and interests of a range of learners leads to equitable outcomes.