Primary Art


Elementary students at MEF IS have been busy the last few months looking at and creating Art. The walls of the school are full of their wonderful creations. In PreSchool and PreKindergarten, students have been exploring lots of different media. The young ones love to use their hands, and to paint them!

In Kindergarten, students have been enjoying listening to and being inspired by books. Currently, we are working on a project based on the book Caps for Sale.

1B took time in Art to create the special hats that they wore during their Celebration Assembly.

Grade 2 students are working hard on their self portraits, which will be paired with portraits of their grandparents.

A few weeks ago, Grade 3 students looked at masks from around the world, and then used papier mache to create their own.

Grade 4 students were thrilled to take their imagination outside and create land Art.

I am so happy to have joined the MEF IS team as the elementary Art teacher. I am really looking forward to spending more time with your children, and guiding them as they develop their artistic potential. Donna Scott

Grade 5 students explored their family histories through the creation of meaningful family crests.

Grade 5 artists are constantly inspiring me with their creativity and engagement in their art. I am looking forward to continuing the year with more exploration and projects based on their individual interests. Make some art! Alisa Blundon