Personalized Medicine

Healthcare is moving towards personalised medicine, which is tailored to the individual rather than the traditional 'one size fits all' approach. Within this sector is the very specialised Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) treatment, whereby DNA samples are taken from the patient and a specific remedy is manufactured for that particular patient. Currently this is mainly used for last stage cancer patients and therefore the quality as well as speed of production is an important consideration.

MedTrace has created a blockchain solution for CGT services as well as personalized medicine generally. Our solution minimizes paper documents, anonymizes data, increases data security, standardizes workflows and provides a clear chain of custody and chain of identity. Our solution is specifically created to ensure that there is a clear audit trail which can be examined by authorized entities, be it regulators, insurance companies or other competent authorities.

Our solution tracks the kits used for taking samples as well as the patient samples so that there is full traceability, allowing in depth investigations where required for example if a sample is suspected of being contaminated. Our customers can specify conditional workflows to ensure quality which must be followed across a variety of sites or laboratories anywhere in the world.

Benefits Of Our Solution

Business & Costs

  • Ease HIPAA and other costly compliance requirements
  • Increased speed of production and standardize processes
  • Digitization of processes and becoming a paperless operation with immutable digital records

Tech & Insights

  • Enhanced data analytics and visualizations
  • Plug into existing MES system and can customize
  • Have use of standard existing Apps or request bespoke Apps as required
  • Enabling Privacy and Security of patient data including anonymization

Services & Results

  • Allowing digital scheduling, prioritizing and planning treatments
  • Environmental monitoring and automated notifications
  • Automated regulatory reporting and inspection by exception

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