MedTrace provides blockchain and AI services to the clinical trials sector. With greater scrutiny of clinical trials, and increased globalization of such trials, utilizing third party outsourcing companies, it is clear that the industry requires transparent and incorruptible data services. Regulators require clear evidence of the process and results of trials and assurance that no data has been tampered with.

Our blockchain solutions can provide our customers and regulators the comfort required in respect of data and process being followed. This means that our customers can get quicker regulatory approval, and can even provide interested parties to direct access to the data should they require it.

Our smart phone apps can be used to provide automatic notifications when medicines in a trial should be taken, and in connection with wearable technologies can provide you with real time data on how people respond to medicines.

Combined with our partners patented tagging technologies, be it invisible dyes, or other sensors, we can give true double blind testing.

Benefits Of Our Solution

Business & Costs

  • Easy reporting and regulatory access ensuring faster route to market
  • Providing global transparency and data access according to customer criteria

Tech & Insights

  • Securing anonymisation and true double blind testing
  • Providing real time information where required
  • Improving data analysis for existing and new processes

Services & Results

  • Digitisation of end to end programme
  • Creating immutable and unalterable data records for regulators and data mining
  • Faster notification processes to designated parties

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