Parent Online Learning Resource

Welcome to Online Learning!

This resource was created as a way to help familiarize parents and students with how the Medina City Schools will continue instruction during this extended school closure.

We know that we cannot replicate the experiences students would have if they were in our classrooms every day. That being said, our staff is working hard to provide the best online instruction around to help your child continue learning during this unusual time. We know this as new to you as it is to us. We will do everything we can to help your child be successful. We are all in this together!

School Closure Level System

In an effort to help explain how our scope of work is changing as school closures extend, we have come up with a level system, differentiating the amount / type of instruction students and parents can expect.
As of April 6th, we will move into Level 3 Online Instruction.

Level 1:

School is closed with no required assignments or online learning activities.

Level 2:

School is closed and optional district coordinated online enrichment activities are provided for students. The intent of these activities is to keep students engaged with school. New material will not be presented.

Level 3:

School is closed and more formal lessons will be provided online. Assignments will be submitted to teachers and feedback will be provided. New material will be taught.