Media Conversion Services

What We Do: 

Welcome to Media Conversion Services! We are a company that specializes in converting DVDs and Blu-ray movies into digital files that can be easily accessed by our customers on their wireless devices. We understand the importance of having entertainment available during long flights, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free solution.

Background of Company, Primary Goal & Contact Information: 

Owned and operated by an Interior Completions Engineer on VIP and VVIP Aircraft installing a multitude of In-Flight Entertainment servers on multiple aircraft systems it became abundantly clear that there was a lack of content accessibility.  

See my Other Services page for additional list of capabilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:  I have a large DVD / Blu-Ray Library collection.  Can you convert these to MP4 files?  

A:  Yes!  We can convert existing DVDs and Blu-Rays.  Blu-Rays provide a higher quality video for larger screen viewing.  But Standard Definition DVDs still look very good on medium and smaller screens and will use less space on your In-Flight Entertainment server.  

Q:  If I elect to upload the files to my media server what do I actually receive from Media Conversion Services? 

A:  Media Conversion Services converts physical movie and music data to digital data that can be easily transferred to your Aircraft or Non-Aircraft Media Server.  For Video files this is a "MP4" and for Music files this is a "MP3".  We can provide other file types upon request, but MP4 & MP3 are the industry standard and will work when uploaded.  You will also receive an excel sheet detailing the conversions, file name, content title, and content information. 

Q:  I don't want to upload the data to my IFE Server, is that something MCS can do? 

A:  Absolutely! If your Media Server is a carry-on or portable IFE server this is easy and something we already offer to other clients.  Simply ship us the Carry-On equipment and we will upload all the new content then ship back to your desired address.  If your IFE system is permanently installed or you aren't comfortable shipping your equipment, we have other options to assist with the data uploads we can discuss further by email ( 

Q: I don't have any Blu-Rays or DVDs and I don't want to buy any.  What options can you provide for me? 

A:  Media Conversion Services can build a movie library for you from a list of movies requested.  When you don't want to deal with the hassle of purchasing the DVDs or Blu-Rays, we will purchase them for you.  The content is then converted to a digital format for every movie requested. 

Thanks & if you have any questions that aren't above, please don't hesitate to ask.  Email us at