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#WillardfirstDay2020 & August

Monday 8/24/20 & Week 1 (8/24-28)

The first day and week was so great! Yes, things are different this year and maybe even more difficult, BUT we do hard things and we are in this together and we WILL find good in whatever comes our way! Below, you will see pictures from our first day and week. In P.E., we covered the following:

  • Trying to maintain cleanliness and distancing

  • The typical routine in P.E. (come ready, hand sanitizer, warm-up, short instruction on spots, primary activities, stretch, line up and review, hand sanitizer, leave)

  • A little about the coaches

  • What P.E. Daily 3 (Serve, Learn, Lead) means

  • What good listeners do ("Give me 5")

  • Start/stop signals

  • Appropriate clothes/shoes

  • Locomotor/nonlocomotor movements

  • Being hurt or injured

  • Using bathrooms

  • Travelling in hallways

  • Dismissal procedures (especially car riders - sit, listen, leave things be)

  • "I can't" versus "I can try"

  • The 7 Habits

  • Would You Rather game

  • Get to Know You game

The Allens' first day!

Your "Specials" teachers with smiles on: Mrs. B, Ms. C, Coach A, Mrs. Barrett, Coach B, Mrs. Farmer, Ms. Helms

Mask up time!

Meet the Willard South Staff 20-21!

Monday 8/10/20