Mrs. Stockwell's 7th Grade Science

Welcome to 7th grade Science! This year, we will learn about Ecosystems, Cells, Genetics, and the Human Body. Along the way, we'll be conducting experiments and investigations to dig more into these topics.

Click here for more information about the daily routine & expectations of our class.

A little about me...I'm originally from Medford. After high school, I graduated from UW-Green Bay with degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Secondary Education. My husband, Ryan, and I lived in Ohio, Missouri, Montana, and Minnesota before landing back in Medford. We have 3 sons: Owen, Rylan, and Graysen.

See the Google Classroom calendar below for all Science assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.

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What does 7th grade work look like?

A work: ABOVE AND BEYOND, exceptional quality and detail, all correct, exceeds the expectation for regular 7th grade work

B work: MOVING TOWARD "A" WORK, mostly correct with some details, good quality above the basic expectation for 7th grade work

C work: "GETS THE JOB DONE" level, satisfactory answers, mostly correct without the extra details

Example I give: "What's for lunch today?"

  • C answer = hot dogs
  • B answer = hot dogs, french fries, salad, and milk
  • A answer = Your choice of entree (hot dog, hamburger, chicken patty), french fries, salad or green beans, and choice of milk

Throughout the year, examples of "A", "B", and "C" work will be posted in the Google classroom resources.